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Cherrybrook Reviews

Cherrybrook carries a full line of show dog, grooming and pet supplies. They have a complete line of dog grooming supplies, shears, brushes and dog shampoos. At Cherrybrook, they believe every pet is a champion. That’s why their commitment to you is to help keep your pet happy and healthy—whether in the show ring, out afield or curled up on the couch—with the absolute best product mix supported by staff expertise you can trust.

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Real Customer Reviews

Drew P. posted on 5/6/2013

"Very good service and better than average variety for high and higher end dog foods and dog lover products. Lots and lots of dog lover products."

Nina C. posted on 8/1/2013

"Love this place! Always has things in stock. Employee's are knowledgeable and friendly. My Dexter loves to come in and browse chew toys. In addition prices are fair and most of the time less than the chain stores."

Benson Y. posted on 1/11/2014

"A few years later Cherrybrook is still going strong. The store hasn't changed in terms of layout and they've only increased the stock they carry, offering a nice, wide selection of pet items. The staff has turned over a couple of times since I first started going but everyone there is generally very nice and sweet.

The store has also held more and more events over the years for pets. This includes adoption days of course but also includes days with vets visiting and even "pet psychics" because hey, why not?

I don't go to Cherrybrook as regularly as I used to (mostly due to my cat's changed diet) but I still drop by now and then to pick up specialty items."

A. Bob B. posted on 7/14/2014

"Great Place all around. Prices are better than online for a number of items, they even offer certain frequent buyer programs to make buying Dog Food regularly cheaper!

Very wide selection of food, treats, toys and just about anything you can imagine. The products they offer are also of higher quality than the typical bargain items that are made in China.

The staff is very helpful, upon my first visit, one of the staff members had walked me through the entire store showing me everything from puppy toys, to food, treats, leashes, shampoos and even recommended a potential dog trainer.

I highly recommend this store to any pet lover."

Remi M. posted on 7/21/2014

"LOVE this place... they're so friendly and helpful. Great variety of things, prices are decent. The staff is SO knowledgeable. They really want to help you and want to give you good tips and tricks. My dog loves coming in here because the staff pets him, gives him treats, and absolutely spoils him. I think that the customer service here is great. We're rewards members now and you get nice discounts whenever you spend a certain dollar amount.

Linda is so great. Trust her and adore her. Her advice and help is always on par."

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