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ChinaBuye is a global online retail company that delivers high-quality low-price products, usually made in China, to various consumers around the world. The price is always lower than that of other China competitors. It has devoted every effort to provide a convenient way to bridge the supply and need across the world for a wide selection of products from cool electronic gadgets, accessories to various cheap electronics, such as Video Game Accessories, China Phones, LED Lighting gadgets, Computer gadgets, Networking, Car Accessories gadgets, EL T Shirts, Security electronic gadget and other cool gadgets.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Great prices and items arrived within the time stated. The items were well packaged and in their own boxes. I've very satisfied and will shop with Chinabuye again and will post a review."

- cannylad69-92287 6/10/15

"It wasn't a very large purchase, 70 bucks and change for some LED lights. But still, 70 dollars is 70 dollars. Shipping was only 3 dollars and a few cents which, if you'll pardon the pun, i knew would be a slow boat from China. I was told that delivery would be 10 to 30 days. I ordered on April 26th I received my package on May 12. Thank you for delivering as promised Chinabuye. I'll be ordering again soon."

Robert Daniels 5/13/15

"Hi I live in the USA and baught some great vapes for cheap. Ordered it on 12/18/14 got it on 01/05/15. Opened the box and I am very satisfied with the product. Kudos to yah!!!!! good stuff. Seriously it takes 10-30 days on the slow boat."

- darren t. 1/18/15

"Very easy to use, payment options and sending options are plentiful a easy site to use if you can drag yourself away from all the other good things on there...and postage in just under 2 weeks..excellent highly recomend"

- rustyfizz 12/12/14

"Do not buy from Chinabuye. I bought a phone from them for $150. It took 60 days to arrive thus negating the option of getting your money back through Paypal. It lasted a week and then kept stalling, then turning itself off and even turning itself on. I would have to take out the battery to make it boot every time. It was doing this up to 20 times a day.

Chinabuye completely ignored me. This has happened to thousands of buyers from reading various forums. I cannot afford to lose that much money because I am a pensioner. Last week the phone went in the rubbish,

To all all the forums."

- bazza522000 4/18/14

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