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Up and running in 1998, ChnLove has now become the most popular international online communication platform worldwide and has connected thousands of men from different countries and women from China. ChnLove is a place where members can communicate, get to know each other and create meaningful relationships. It is commmitted to providing members with a safe, easy-to-use, and language-and-cultural-barrier-free platform and services, fulfilling users’ needs.

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Real Customer Reviews

"We single people get more lonely as we grow older. Moreover, the busy work and limited social circle nowadays make dating a difficult thing. Thanks to the emergence of online dating websites, now we can date as long as we want. It saves us time and energy! I love Chnlove for I can chat with so many Chinese beauties of my dream. Hope I could reach a happy ending with one of them!"

- Holden P. 6/5/15

"Last year, I went to China but I met the wrong lady from Everyone who gets involved in dating world would understand that it is normal to simultaneously register on several sites. The trip was a complete disaster. She made me feel as if I could never trust a Chinese lady. I don’t want to talk more about this. Luckily, Lily, the lady on Chnlove made me feel Chinese women are not all the same. With the site’s meeting service, I felt warm this time even I was in a strange city with a big language problem in China."

- Hayden Palmer 4/25/15

"This site is a total scam, Any man who uses this site has more money than sense. I include myself in this analagy.
Please be warned, nothing is as it seems, lies and deceit in letters from writers who pose as ladies available for love. I wrote to a lady every week for a year, I ignored all the signs it was fake and arranged to come to China.. I flew over to meet her, receiving 4 letters (all charged for) in the 8 days before I arrived. She did not show at the airport and I was informed by the agency " her mother had banned her from meeting me". How stupid am I, Do not be as foolish as his old fool. You have been warned, water is wet, snow is cold, fire burns and THIS SITE IS A SCAM. Thank you for reading this and I hope it saves you money."

- davidwebb 6/2/13

"I went to china to meet a girl, the translator lied to me, spent lots of money
there. bought a ring, went in to some trouble when I got home, found out I was lied to. ask for my money back, and so they kicked me of the site. spent 8000usd and bought a 1250usd ring and its all gone."

- james g. 3/30/10

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