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Clinique Reviews

Clinique Laboratories is a manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, usually sold in high end department stores owned and operated by the Estée Lauder Corporation.

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Anna L. posted on 4/28/2008

"Good for Oily Skin - I used Clinique products when I was a teenager. It was a great introduction to skincare. I loved the little soap bars and the jade colored makeup compact. However, as I've gotten older, my skin has become more dry and Clinique products are just not sufficiently moisturizing. Nowadays I opt for Shiseido products. I've heard that La Mer cream is heavenly - but at $190 a pop, it's a little out of my price range!"

Lauren N. posted on 3/27/2013

"I am a big fan of their makeup. It is beautiful and applies nicely. This is very nice quality makeup. I also really like their soaps and lotions. They moisturize my skin without causing breakouts. It is nice buying products I know I like online rather than going to the store. It is much simpler, and saves me an unnecessary trip."

Mia H. posted on 5/27/2014

"<3 I got all my products and they are just great<3 I recommend this web page! I ordered several products: Up-lighting Liquid Illuminator, True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer, Continuous Coverage SPF 15, Superbalanced Makeup, Summer Look: Splashy Pinks, I got a Complimentary High Impact Mascara Treat in Black. In the order confirmation they wrote that I would also receive a BCA Consumer Brochure, however I did not get that. But it is okay, I did't really need it."

sophia b. posted on 9/9/2014

"I just impressed with their products. They introduce any new products to beauticians as well as their clients. A product has been well explained and it good to get known about a latest product for a beginner. Every beauty accessories are looking better than while comparing with other sites, and I think they concentrate on best quality."

miguel m. posted on 10/7/2014

"I got a few small samples when I went in to refill my Clinique make-up d so I determined to try it. I LOVE IT!!! Within a few days I started to see my darker spots begin to lighten. This is so far better to the dark spot alteration cream that I tried a few years ago. I can't wait to get the usual size so I can use it regularly."

Lauren H. posted on 10/23/2014

"I am really grateful to Clinique products. Clinique products help me to solve my skin problems. My skin was oily and has acne problems. By using this, it is solved. I love this very much and I am still using this."

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