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As the largest online contact lenses and prescription glasses retailer, offers the biggest selection of designer and brand name eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses at the most affordable prices anywhere on the web. It is committed to creating the most convenient and unique solution to purchasing designer glasses and brand name contact lenses. Many well-known brands are available at such as Ray-Ban, Dior, YSL, Derek Cardigan and Gucci glasses. The company always takes “customers first” as the priority, which contributes to its reputation of popular online retailer of vision correction products.


Real Customer Reviews

"So when you have the biological threat of corneal ulcers making contact lenses a less than desirable situation, but you still need to be aesthetically pleasurable whilst wearing pieces of plastic on your face, Coastal fills the need for affordable glasses that allow you to accessorize at will with multiple pairs.

They used to lure you in with First. Pair. FREE. This promo is no longer available as of August 2014, but they got me in the door...and have gotten 5 other pairs of glasses out of me since the initial investment they made back in 2013 (I might own 8 pairs of glasses, but my prescription has rapidly changed since I became a desk jockey...really only 3 of them are valid). Now instead it is always free shipping, but I think the first pair free was more of an incentive to check them out.

The glasses range from what I would call "in house" designers, with $45-98 dollar price tags. These are not the same quality as a pair of ray bans. Don't expect them to be, this price is for the frame and script.

Often they have designer glasses that i believe are last season's etc, and you can typically snag them for far under their retail price point ($100 for a pair of Max Mara glasses, anyone? Bueller?)

Coastal almost always has an offer going on, $10 off $50, $25 off 100, 2 for $99, and so on. I actually ordered a new pair of glasses on Monday, and shortly after noticed a discount code in my email....a few minutes later on the phone with the most pleasant Canadian ever and the discount was applied to my order.
Bonus! You get a nice cleaning kit and repair screwdriver with your order. Lens Crafters doesn't do that now, do they?"

- Allison R. 1/7/15

"Do not hesitate. Wonderful, quality glasses. I tried competitor Z but got low quality eyeglasses that break only after a few months.
Coastal eyeglasses look, feel sturdy. Excellent quality just like what you can get from the optical store. Yes, glasses are made here in the USA. I received my eyeglasses on the 4th day. I am so thrilled that I order another pair, this time with progressive lenses."

- mariamary 11/7/14

"So this was the first time I have ordered glasses online. The coastal site was easy to use and I found a pair that I liked without any trouble. I do wish they fit into the price bracket for the at home try on, just for my own peace of mind. I was extremely nervous about buying glasses online, especially after reading the reviews already on this site for The glasses arrived before the original estimated date of a delivery, which was October 30th, they arrived on the 19th. They fit really well, and the lenses were cut to my prescription and I had no trouble seeing out of them as soon as I tried them on. They also sent some lense cleaner, and a lense cloth, along with a little glasses sized flathead and Philips head screwdriver. Overall very impressed and will recommend this company to others assuming I do not have any problems with durability, consistant wearing, and just regular wear and tear. Assuming they last as long as other, more expensive glasses, I will recommend it to others. "

- jalley23 10/20/14

"I have ordered from them several times. Your not going to get a pair of $300.00 frames for free but it is worth it if all you are doing is paying for shipping. If your buying them just for a spare set then great but if your getting them for everyday use then upgrade to the uv coating and extra scratch resistant protection. Cost $58.00 total for the upgrade and shipping and they arrived 9 days earlier than they said they would.
Overall it is a great deal if your getting your first pair free."

RICHARD W. 6/4/14

"I have been buying my glasses online for a couple years now and have gotten pretty experienced with shopping online for cheap prescription glasses. Coastal has a good variety of glasses and they offer the right variety of upgrades as a cheap price for me. The do not have all of the designer brands that exist like tag hauer but they have enough for a really good selection."

- Robert N. 4/7/14

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