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Coldwater Creek

Coldwater Creek is an online American women’s clothing and accessories retailer. The company was founded in 1984 by Dennis and Ann Pence. Coldwater Creek sold its products in stores, through catalogs and online. The online outlet carried clothing that was featured during previous seasons. The company had 365 stores in operation by 2014.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I was a long time customer of the original Coldwater Creek - the "new" Coldwater Creek is a disaster. Incredibly skimpy/frumpy inventory, horrendeous customer service and ridiculous shipping fees. I ordered several layering tees - they arrived with HOLES in them. Called customer service to return the defective items, and was told that there would be no relief from the shipping charges. They still haven't refunded my credit card and it's been a month since I shipped them back.

Sizing is inconsistent - if you wore a medium in the original Coldwater Creek, be prepared to order a large or even extra large just to get a garment that will button over your bust or fit your arms."

- angelapea 6/30/15

"i place an order with the new Coldwater Creek site since it was resold the end of 2014. There is no place on the information for each item to leave a review, which is interesting since this is the first time I have ever had problems with the merchandise they sold. I purchased a sweater and the first time it was hand washed, all the buttons crumbled and fell off. There is a hole in the side seam of the sweater also.
I also purchased a t-shirt and the colors faded terribly the first time it was washed. I will no longer shop the new Goldwater Creek. Their quality is not comparable to the old Goldwater Creek owners."

- puppymomma 5/15/15

"LOVE IT...A definite favorite. Customer service has always been top-notched, even with returns from catalog at the store. Clothes are trendy AND classic types that hold up well & I've got some "vintage" stuff! I've been a customer for many years and shop website as well as stores. Prices can get a little high for some items, but usually a sale or promotion helps make it affordable. Used to be able to get sterling jewelry, not anymore, so I miss that & I think the quality of the jewelry has gone down in general, but still a fan."

- Em M. 5/10/14

"Trying to by online was a horrible experience. The website had several problems--manyof at first just that it kept timing out before I could complete an order. Being an idiot, I kept trying for several days--and always got timed out. Finally got online "help" that told me the problem was my computer. Customer service was nasty, borderline abusive, and then again cut me off.
The store near me has closed and I can see why.
At this point you'd have to pay me to even think about buying online from this company."

- Pat M. 1/2/14

"Clothes are above-average quality, expensive unless you buy from their outlet. Best customer service ever. Always a native-English speaker when you call. Exchanges for another size do not require additional shipping. Problems are quickly solved. My favorite store."

- Phoebe3 3/13/10

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