Conair Reviews – Do You Love Their Hair, Bath, Personal Grooming?

Conair Reviews

Conair Corporation is a private US-based multinational corporation which sells small appliances, personal care products, and health and beauty products for both professionals and consumers. It was founded in 1959 and has since expanded to include ten product divisions.

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Real Customer Reviews

NANCY. posted on 7/16/2014

"I purchased the xl hot rollers from Conair and was very pleased at first. One morning as I tried to remove the first roller, it had gotten so hot the plastic started pulling apart. They were all melting. I contacted Conair. They sent me a long questionnaire which I filled out, and sent back. They sent me another set exactly like the first. I used the next one for several months with no problems and then the same thing happened. I was lucky, all that happened was I burnt the tips of my fingers. I emailed Conair and they replied I would have to call. When I called they said there was nothing they could do since they are only under warranty for a year. I didn't remember when I had sent the first one back and don't have any idea how old the replacement was. What happened to good customer service? I'm thinking of posting pictures of the melted curlers on facebook."

Isabel. posted on 1/12/2015

"The curling iron quickly heats up and curls your hair in seconds. The only thing I didn't like was the settings dial. I couldn't tell if the settings were for the temperature or the curl tightness."

only_heather. posted on 1/17/2015

"let's face it, curling your hair can be a long, tedious and painful task. from the sore arm once your done to accidental burnings. this curling iron solves that. i was able to do my hair, normal thickness, mid back length and as well as a head of hair that was already curly before a gel nail polish time was up. I've had nothing but great results with this tool. I have recommended it to several people and praise it all the time. it's quick, hasv auto shut off and that is just bonus things."

michelle. posted on 1/20/2015

"I bought this curling device for $113.00, you would think it was great for that price. One day it heated up so hot it burnt my hair. I did not notice initially but by the end of the day 1/3 of my hair had fallen off about an inch from the root. The entire top layer of my hair was gone. There's nothing I can do to fix it but wait for it to grow. I emailed them about it and got some stupid email saying to send it for testing with all the original packaging. No sorry, no nothing. I was so disgusted I didn't even answer back. Please do not buy this."

Banana. posted on 1/25/2015

"My long hair is thicker than thick and has a natural curly wave to it, but, unfortunately, it doesn't hold a curl as well as you would think (especially with curling irons with clips). I am so thankful for purchasing this product because it gives my hair an elegant curl and I can sleep with it and wake up to it still in great shape. Whenever I use this iron I usually keep my hair dry for a few days because I spent so much time making these beautiful curls that I like to keep them for as long as I can! Totally love this thing!"

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