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Contactlens Xchange Reviews

Contactlens Xchange is your convenient and affordable webstore to refill your contact lens prescription. They know the health benefits of contact lenses can be overshadowed by the costs, so they’re committed to providing the lowest price and most convenient service available … anywhere.

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Real Customer Reviews

Mark. posted on 12/28/2013

"I have a many compliment for contactlesxchange but i will make it short here. This store is great wide selection of colored contact lenses reliable service with prompt delivery friendly customer service Many of my friends will have the same feeling & compliments. Very satisfied customer"

msyaj. posted on 4/7/2014

"They're wonderful to buy from. Very helpful, emails back quickly and resolves issues very great. must buy from again! very cheap lenses btw. :))) very happy with my purchase. "

Lily. posted on 3/24/2014

"My Circle Lenses Shipping took less than 14 days to get to NY. I was so glad because I used to order at places where they do batch orders, which took nearly 2 months to deliver. I had a question and they replied within days. This is one of the place.. or rather The place to go to get your circle lens. I can't emphasis how great and nice contactlensxchange is."

jrjo1r. posted on 10/22/2014

"Customer service was very helpful and prompt. Order was shipped very timely & received without any problems considering it was shipped to the U.S. First time to order on this webstore & I am impressed. "

karen M. posted on 4/17/2015

"I have ordered from a few contact lens shop before but contactlensxchange is by far the best!"

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