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CPO Bosch Reviews

Founded in 2004, CPO is America’s leading online tool retailer. With over 45 online tool specialty stores, millions of professional and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) customers choose CPO for its wide selection of leading brands, great prices, and outstanding customer service. CPO is best known for its industry leading selection of factory reconditioned tools and equipment, which offer customers high quality tools at significantly discounted prices.

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Real Customer Reviews

Celia S. posted on 8/18/2014

"I've purchased several tools from CPO. Every purchase has rated excellent in every catagory."

David G. posted on 10/14/2014

"Great service, delivered as expected. Only one small critism was inner carton packaging which was brown packaging paper and didn't help box hold up in transit. However goods arrived safely and I had no problems just could have been an issue. Great service overall though and would recommend."

Andy. posted on 11/16/2014

"Shipping was delayed for 1 week. I called customer service to ask what the problem was and they said it was ''a shipping glitch''. So I asked if there was something they could do and the robot I was talking to just replied ''not at this time''. I bought a few extra things because it was free shipping if I spent $200 or more and it took forever to get the items. I have ordered from them before, but I was not happy this last time. I felt as if the guy I talked to on the phone couldn't have cared less. Thanks"

Patricia C. posted on 1/7/2015

"I have purchased 4 big ticket tools in the last year from CPO and I have not had any problems at all. The product is always as discribed and shipping is as promised or quicker. I have no idea how good CPO's customer service was two or three years ago, I have only used them for the last 7 months, but I am very happy with them now and would recommend them to any one. Also. BTW This was not a solicitated review. I will definately use them again."

DEBI W. posted on 1/28/2015

"Very good service but I could not trace my delivery. It was about 5 days and I could not tell whether the products were even shipped. After 7 days I received the products."

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