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CPO Electrolux Reviews & Coupon Code – Best Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Ever?

CPO Electrolux Reviews

Founded in 2004, CPO is America’s leading online tool retailer. With over 45 online tool specialty stores, millions of professional and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) customers choose CPO for its wide selection of leading brands, great prices, and outstanding customer service. CPO is best known for its industry leading selection of factory reconditioned tools and equipment, which offer customers high quality tools at significantly discounted prices.

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Real Customer Reviews

Odo B. posted on 2/12/2014

"Best vacuum I ever owned! thanks for saving our planet!"

Lindsey D. posted on 5/5/2014

"It was a rebuilt unit but that means it works and has been checked out. Well why did I have to take it to the shop the to use it even once. It still did not work right. Yes it is guaranteed but it should have been checked out and fixed before it was shipped to me."

David B. posted on 8/2/2014

"The product was delivered in wrong color with many parts missing. It was dirty too. When I called customer service they tried convincing me that I have to live with the color sent. After I threatended to cancel the order I was given a replacement.I had to wait for quite sometime to get the replacement. The replacement also looked used and dirty but atleast it was in the same color. Very bad customer experience. I am not having confidence to shop again from this site. "

Ajky. posted on 2/25/2015

"I ordered a "factory refurbished" Electrolux Ultra-silencer tank vacuum. Except for the sign on the box, you would never know it wasn't brand new-- new product, new packaging, and new boxes. It must have tested defective in the factory, and then repaired at Electrolux's refurb. facility.

Why would anyone buy new when the refurb's are this good?"

Edna M. posted on 5/3/2015

"Everything was delivered and arrived as expected. I called customer service with a question and they were helpful and explained everything with to my satisfaction."

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