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AmeriMark is a company that specializes in marketing of a variety of unique, fun and valuable products, all designed to make people’s life easier, with popular items like the Ionic Whisper and the iconic Shake Weight. The company started in 1969, which has been known for offering high-value, high-quality merchandise for more than 44 years, with approximately 6,000 items in its warehouse. They currently offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I like to shop with AmeriMark it's easy an quick. If i dont want to finish my order same day, i can come back the next day or 3 days later an it's still there. Easy check out. I can use cupons which helps a lot."

- judi 5/16/15

"i made a call to amerimark and they tranfered me to someone and was put on hold for over an hour got fed up with having to wait to talk to someone so i picked up my cell and called first number that i called and that person gave me another number and that person gave me an attitude so this will b my last order with this company they dont seem to know how to get the info your need and then treat u like u dont care never have had this problem with any company really bad people skills."

- anonymous 4/20/15

"I ordered a robe from Amerimark and tho I haven't received it yet, I've already made up my mind that this is a company I do NOT want to do business with any more-once is enuff. They've been filling my email box with offers for ugly, low quality items that I wouldn't buy if they cost a penny each! If they dare call me about "healthcare", they aren't going to like what they hear! And when you do place an order, you're immediately flooded with spam from other connected companies. Do yourselves a favor, do NOT order from these people!
I just got off the phone with the bank, I canceled my debit card and ordered another one. Let them try to get extra $$ now! I called their customer disservice center, was told the medical program was offered ONLY if you make your order by phone, but have read many reviews of people who ordered on line getting hit too, so obviously their CSRs are lying to us. DO NOT BUY FROM aMERIMARK!"

- diamonddiva 1/29/15

"Just found this on my 86 year old mother's credit card bill. She had a stroke very recently and while checking her bills I came across this charge. Turns out she was paying this for almost 2 years. When I called it was like they were used to the whole scenario of a senior forgetting that they agreed to this scam. Seems she ordered a pineapple slicer from some catalog company and "agreed to a trial" at $3.99 the first month, $24.99 there after. "We even sent her a followup letter and she never contacted us to cancel. We sent her a renewal and she didn't cancel it". Probably all looked like junk mail to her. They reversed charges for 8 months. But still, that pineapple slicer cost her more than $300.

Between this and AARP sending her a "voluntary renewal" EVERY month and The national committee to preserve Social Security sending her an appeal TWICE a month, I wonder if anyone is honest anymore."

- Debbie4545 11/20/14

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