Beezid Reviews – Is It A Satisfied Store?

Beezid is the number one penny auction site, known for the combination of the excitement of auction shopping. Beezid offers a thrilling and innovative alternative to online shopping called penny auctions, which allows you to get thousands of dollars worth of items at incredible discounts. is renowned for being a user-friendly hotspot for both penny auction newbies and bidding vets.

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Real Customer Reviews

"After having spent a lot of time on penny auction sites, I have concluded a few things that you need to know:
1. You have to pay for bids, but Beezid bids are the cheapest. This means more bids for your money, more action with those bids. Con is that everyone has a lot of bids. Making it highly competitive.
2. Learn the levels. New users should not bid on anything that doesn't have the cherry icon unless they want to be eaten alive.
3. The BEEZID store. This thing is amazing. People win auctions and then flip their wins in the store. This is the entire reason I'm on Beezid and not any other PA site. The deals on the store are very good and sometimes great... If you're fast.
To sum it up: Beezid is a good penny auction site. They have more features than any other one I've seen to date. The store is where the smart shoppers go. Yes, you can try your luck at winning an auction but if you want to just go get a good deal with no strings, cash in on their store. 4 Stars."

- Jennifer K. 5/20/15

"I joined beezid not knowing that it cost $70.00 but thats not my only complaint.I had won an auction for a Azpen 7"Android Tablet Duel Core 1.5Ghz Processor..

As i was charging the tablet, it was getting extremely hot. I then picked it up to use it and as i placed my thumb on the screen it cracked. The tablet has given me problems from day one. I would like some type of compensation for this but I do not want this tablet.

It has gotten hot more then once while charging so i unplugged it. Also the product would shut down constantly. What will your company do to make up for this. I will send you the tablet as soon as i have recieved either my money taken off mypaypal account or I would appreciate either a samsung or RCA.

Thank you, J.Dirodricco"

- jbdirod 5/3/15

"I try Beezid website a few times and every time I have ever used their website right when the auction is going to end there would be a bid always a lot hither bid that I would have to make to be able to win the item.

I think there is a robot in place to make bids until they get up to the price Beezid want the item to be sold for.

Beezid told me there isn't but it is odd to me that this happens every time."

- Jen Williams 3/25/14

"It is a scam! They charge you for joining. They sell you points and give bonus points with purchase. They never have bonus auctions so you can use your bonus points! If you have a gambling problem feel free to give them your money!!"

- Nadine1962 12/18/13

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