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Daily Steals is an online portal that sells electronic products and accessories including mobile electronics, home & home improvement, outdoor items, and beauty products such as fragrances for both men and women. It offers a daily deal on a particular item that expires at midnight Eastern Time. Customers prefer its products for their unique business feature of Daily Steals and the affordable products on sale as well as one incredible deal each day at a deeply reduced price.


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"The item I received was not as pictured. I'd seen: lightning cable; I received: 30-pin cable. It took 10 days to arrive to my US location (Massachusetts).

I wrote customer service and received a personal reply, and a refund, within 4 hours.

I have bought other things from Daily Steals and I have been pleased with what I bought, they were as described and shipping was prompt.
One mark of a good company is the quality of the products they sell; another is how well they handle adverse situations. Based on my experience today they receive high marks in the handling of their mistakes."

- ekjosiud7 3/26/15

"I've used them sparingly over the past couple of years. My first order was a Palm Pixi that was exactly as advertised. I recently bought an iPad mini 2, that was supposed to be new, in a white box (retail), and have a full warranty. When I finally received it after a two weeks, the item came in a generic box, with a non-Apple charger, and a serial number that puts the item out of warranty (I checked on Apple's website). Thus I essentially received a non-Apple refurb. Extremely disappointed in them and will no longer be doing business as they falsified the product and took forever to ship the product. They're fine for smaller non-major items, but major electronics just look elsewhere."

- Jesse D. 2/12/15

"DailySteals.com is one of those famous hit or miss sites. I like to browse through it every once in a while. I have not signed up for the regular emails because I have already signed up for a few too many similar sites and I tend to get overwhelmed. This site probably has the least amount of product selections to choose from out of all the similar daily deals sites. They do post some really good deals at times but their overall product selection is so very limited that finding something you actually want to buy is highly unlikely the majority of the time. The good thing about the site is that once you do find something worth buying, you are going to get a really good deal on it. They also provide a coverage warranty on all of their products unless otherwise stated in descriptions. This is a decent site with limited usage. It's worth checking out every once in a while but I wouldn't say to sign up for the emails. That would just be a hassle you don't really need. They ship in 2 to three days and I have never had a problem with customer service either. The main issue is that they just don't have very much to choose from."

-Estella1 3/24/15

"After reading these reviews, I wasn't sure I wanted to gamble with them ... But ... I did. I ordered a refurbished iPad last Saturday, got an email last Tuesday that it had shipped, and today it arrived in it's original packaging, looks great and works great !!! If things change, I will come back here for an update."

- rlmcnutt 3/13/15

"This merchant is really a thief - they are crooks!!! I ordered an item and got a different one. I emailed several times and had to call and fight to get an RMA. Still, I had to pay for return shipping. DON'T BUY FROM DAILYSTEALS.COM, DON'T, DON'T. I IMPLORE YOU! For your own sanity!!!"

- Customer deceived by Daily Steals 12/11/14

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