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Das Cheap is an online store that sells everything for home entertainment, video games, home goods, lifestyle and service all in one place at manufacturer pricing. Das Cheap is the internet’s solution for buying and interacting with the products and services that make the internet a wonderful place to do business.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I did some research on this site before I made my purchase because there has been a been a few people weary of this site. They had my items cheaper and I called originally to ask about shipping. I was told 3-5 days as long as my billing information was correct (which was totally understandable knowing all the fraud that goes on nowadays) so I decided to place my order. I confirmed my account like the site says and I actually got my order in 2!"

- Anna R. 6/3/15

"I completely agree... DAScheap is a complete scam and they will drag you along and attempt to take your money and never send the tracking information or products."

- LMarko 7/25/15

"By far the cheapest and the easiest checkout.

They had the cheapest price on the net for about 4 of the 5 things that I purchased there. Then I even received free shipping and received the merchandise in less than 3 days.

No issues for me."

- DaddysBigGirl 4/20/13

"This company is awesome! Speedy delivery +1, Great customer service +1, Great prices +1, awesome selection +1, VERY COOL MASCOT +1 They always have the cheapest price on the net. Great customer service as well. I called up with a few questions and the guy Steve answered everything for me. I ordered something for Valentine's day and wasn't sure if it would make it in time, but it did!"

- Kristina P. 3/19/11

User Rating: 2.5 (2 votes)

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