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Deal Dash

DealDash launched in the United States in February 2009 and operates the longest running bidding fee auction website.  Having more than four million registered users makes the company one of the largest providers of pay-to-participate auctions in the world. Its unique selling proposition is that if a customer loses an auction they can purchase the item they were bidding at for a regular retail price and get a full refund of the bids placed in the auction, thus eliminating the risk that usually exists in pay-to-participate auctions.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I get a good experience here and I did have fun and exciting but the people here are very good of players and smart my respect to all of them and you as well thanks for everything I'll try it next time that it's for sure I just need to study little bit how to beat this guys alright till next time."

- raymundo G. 6/23/15

"I have complained to the customer service dept at dealdash but they dont care. They say it is illegal to group bid or multi credit card but do not look into any complaints...even when you have their bidding names!! I wish I would have read all the NEGATIVE reviews before I chose to purchase a bid package!! I work for a LARGE airline and will be spreading the warning to all my co-workers and everyone on my flights about this scam!! The BBB needs to investigate... I have already written them with my concerns.... DO NOT join this site people.... lots of other better ones out there!! Have a great summer!! smile emoticon."

- Deb Klevenger 5/27/15

"I've won several auctions and enjoy bidding on this site. In my opinion, if they are going to have auctions where the winner gets the item for free in the end then maybe they can surprise the winner and not start out letting everyone know the winner gets it for free. I find it hard to win those auctions because I cannot stay online for as many hours as some people can."

- RONAIMEE 5/19/15

"I see it's all about strategy. Pay attention to what everyone else is doing. Just because you see 20 people in a bid watch to see how many are in it after a few dollars. Bid late at night to get a better feel for it and win items with one or two bids. But pay attention and be patient. Good Luck!!!"

- Louis M. 4/29/15

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