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DebShops is a shopping destination for young women looking for the perfect fashion finds at affordable prices. It is a specialty retail chain store in the United States that sold women’s clothing and accessories under its own private labels as well as other labels. At its peak, Deb Shops operated 337 stores across 42 states.

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"I love DebShops. I don't know why so many people are leaving bad reviews, most of their stuff is great and they're one of the only carriers of Amethyst Jeans, my favorite kind of jeans. All of their stuff is very affordable. The DebShops that I have been to have had great customer service. I don't understand why one of the reviewers said that they only follow you around to see if you are stealing, especially if you are black. Did she observe the other customers? I'm sure they follow all races and they do it to be helpful unless if you are snotty, which I'm guessing that reviewer was. This is one of my favorite stores and I'm very sad that they are going out of business."

- Savannah F. 1/28/15

"I'm usually hesitant about ordering clothing online, but Debshops is one of the only sites I trust! Their clothing is true to size, great quality, and shipping is quick. Very reliable company- always my go to!"

- Taylor Walsh 2/12/14

"Deb Shops is highly discriminatory against individuals with "invisible" disabilities. We had a horrible experience at the store in Henrietta, NY. My daughter has an autism spectrum disorder, and when I asked if we could try on the dresses were interested in, I was told we could not use the disabled dressing room because she did not appear disabled to them!! When I said that they were being discriminatory, the day manager was called over, and told me I was "in her face" and kicked us out of the store. This was a miserable and sad experience. Since when does a store get to decide about disability? This store needs to review deeply and extensively their policies regarding those individuals with so called "invisible" disabilities AND invest in sensitivity training to all their employees, especially their managers!! Shame, shame, shame on you Deb SHOPS!"

- JennLH 2/8/14

"Employees and manager are extremely nice.
I love their clearance and sales they have. Prices are not expensive, I find that the clothes have quality to them. I love the sales when you BUY one, get one for $1. Those are definitely the best! I bought a shirt for $19.99 and got the other one for a $1! They have really cute accessories, bathing suits, clothes, heels, jewelry for all your needs I love that they cater to people of all sizes. I believe they go from size 0-13 and 13-24. One side of the store is divided for 0-13 and the other side 14-24.
Check out the clearance racks and things on sale. Also if you are looking for a dress for a formal event, this is definitely the place to check out. They have casual dresses to formal wear."

- Moxie C. 6/4/11

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