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Dillard's Reviews

Little Rock, Arkansas-based Dillard’s is a department store chain with 308 locations across the U.S. It sells shoes, apparel, cosmetics, lingerie, and home accessories. Dillard’s enjoy popularity among consumers because of the affordability of products as well its hassle-free online shopping portal.

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Lane F. posted on 1/13/2012

"Dillards has Ten Star products both online and in store. I have shopped the stores while on business and they have great quality items. I take stars away for the shipping, return shipping cost, and the failure to have coupon codes often. I have never had an issue with Dillards ( I used a coupon code and had no need to return) as they often have limited edition items which only Dillards carries. However, the coupon code made the sale possible other wise the item would have cost an additional 11.95 and returns are on you. Macy's and others make online shopping with Dillards not necessary- as they are much better with shipping cost and returns. I will continue to shop brick and mortar Dillards and only online with codes. Sale prices are not the best as Dillards is not a competitive in pricing."

m j. posted on 11/1/2013

"i was just fired today by a group of managers mr dewey and my manager karen , what i never got is what happened to the day i was physically and verbally played with.
i was sick and was told by my manager to hurry and work fast , ok........im sick, so i asked to go home, when it became a verbal argument i tried to call the store manager in which point my shoe manager slammed the phone and tried to rip out the cord, now few months later they tell my my sales goals are not good enough and i need to go asap even followed me outside like an idiot. where is the video you denied me of when when slammed the phone on me that i asked for for my attorney? why would you kick me out like an animal although i was just walking to clock out. and why would you blame sales when we got 4 new people and you waited till its slow season to rid of me, one thing is i want a lawyer to get that video and show the world what you do. you fired a hard worker and an honest one but most of all you verbally and physically abused me, and that you need to get fired for. no empleyee should go through your games and torture"

OlgaKissini. posted on 2/24/2014

"I placed an order with Dillard's.Ttheir website was easy to navigate and their prices on par with their competitors. The shipping was pricey but my items arrived promptly and in perfect condition. I did not have to contact customer service.. It is too bad hat they do not accept PayPal."

Dianna B. posted on 5/18/2014

"Dillards was always my go to when I was heavier, because they always had a great selection in clothing. What I never knew was what they carried in bras!

I am HAPPy to report that they carry La Mysterie! this brand is fantastic for us larger than DD cup girls. They are comfortable, supportive and yes, while expensive, they're not going to break the bank.

The girls who work the registers are friendly, but not overbearing."

jmch. posted on 11/30/2014

"This is my first time ordering from Dillards online. I typically shop in the store. Anyway I'm very satisfied with the belts that I bought for my husband. It was exactly what I was looking for and didn't have to get out in the crowds to shop."

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