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Discount Safety Gear

All Safety Gear is an online store which supplies a wide range of apparel and accessories, including footwear, shirts, outwear, rainwear, headwear, bottoms, pants, belts, knee pads, glovers and more.  Many well-known brands are available such as Acton, Dickies, Baffin, Viper and so on. With their good prices, strong customer service, excellent services, wide selection and outlet section with great sale prices, you will become a fan of Discount Safety Gear.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Ordered a bucket mouth bag for carrying extra photo equipment - batteries, chargers and lenses. Arrived in timely fashion. The bag is rugged, easily accessible and cost far less than camera bags. I am more than satisfied."

- Wjeffrey5 1/23/15

"I made a purchase from them, they promised 100% satisfaction, The product was garbage, I sent it back, they kept the product and refused to give me a refund."

- Normanboss 7/14/13

"They seemed to have some trouble getting everything in stock. I had them hold the order to get the final item, then AFTER I finally received the shipping notice they sent me a note asking if they should hold the order because a different item was not in stock. So while everything was as ordered, nice, and at a good price there seemed to be a lot of confusion in shipping. In addition their shipper sent my package all over the country and kept moving the delivery date back."

- karlean 6/18/13

"There was an Issue with the order but Angela Lauffer, a customer service rep with Discount Safety Gear swiftly corrected the issue without hesitation. That is Excellent customer service."

- Tom 8/2/11

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