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DiscountFilterStore is an online store that sells home products including refrigerator filters, water filters, air filters, pool & spa filters and more. It offers a wide selection of filters and other related merchandise at great prices. The site carries products from brands like EcoAqua filters, Aries filters, Amana filters, Cuno filters, Haier filters and more.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Very nice to be able to go to one place to get all your home filter needs and not be running around to the big box stores hoping the have what you need no mater what the inventory online says because it never matches and its shipped to your front door! Thank You."

- JED 8/12/15

"I ordered on July 13, 2015 and as of this date July 28 2015 my filters have not arrived. Contacted them 6 times via email and tracking was useless.
The only advice I would give is to shell out the few extra $ and buy your filters from your hometown store. At least they will be in your hands.
News Flash: they did tell me if they arrived at some point I could keep them and were going to ship out other filters ASAP. Yah right !"

- fostpat3 7/28/15

"Advertisement picture and descriptions were for the original Samsung DA29-00003G refrigerator filter (3 pack) - all references were oem. After adding to the cart the information changed on the order with small letters on page 2 (comparable to DA29-00003G) was stated and on the to complete order page it indicated it was a Tier1RWF1010.Long story short the filters that were quickly shipped and received were Tier 1 filters and when comparing the specs to the original Samsung specs, the Tier 1 filters fall short of the Samsung filters. While I understand the concept of (you getting what you pay for), using the first page advertising only the Samsung filter and info, then using a small (comparable) phrase, and then a switch on the product is total misrepresentation. BUYER BEWARE! No, the filter does not compare and the quality of filtered water is lower!"

- Rocky 2/22/15

"We ordered two refrigerator water filters on 10/23. They were expected to deliver on 10/30, which was fine, because we were in no hurry to replace the current one in the fridge, and were pleased that they arrived today! We bought two filters (including shipping) for less than the price of one filter, had we bought one at Sears, where we usually get them. We installed one of them, it works perfectly! We are very pleased with Discount Filter Store and will definitely order from them again. I'm going to see if they carry air conditioner filters for our A/C unit. If they do, you can be sure we will purchase them from Discount Filter Store!!"

- tinkydoo2 10/28/14

"Misrepresentation - placed a picture of a Whirlpool brand product but delivered a generic one which is not looking to be brand new, probably a re-filled filter. Doesn't work properly - ice making part of my refrigerator doesn't recognize the filter as a new one. Slow delivery too."

- Kat 4/8/14

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