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Disney Store is recognized for the extraordinary quality of its entertainment experiences, the integrity of its people and the manner in which it does business around the world. It has transformed into a truly global enterprise, building and expanding its businesses in established and emerging markets including France, Spain, German and United Kingdom.

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"I love the disney store good people and atention"

- Maydens 12/14/14

"This store is the best in whole world. The one when the dreams come true. I really recommend you this store for buying all your gifts and Christmas presents."

- Perlalala7 12/3/14

"I knew this was going to be a good shopping experience when I got praised by two sales associates on my outfit as soon as I entered.

The store itself is beautiful, despite all the construction on Stockton. I love the flow of the store. You're lead from the entrance through all princess items and stuffed animals to the registers and then to the back where all the Frozen stuff is. To your right is an escalator that gives you great views of the lower level and any items you may have missed from the other shoppers. On the top level is where you'll find the Star Wars and Marvel items. The Disney Infinity display was one of the nicest I've seen. I think it's even set a little lower so younger children can access it.

The San Francisco branded items were really nice and looked like they actually came from Disney Consumer Products (because they probably did). The Tsum Tsum display was to die for. I wanted to buy all of them. If I was more in the market of getting a gift for someone, i would definitely come here. This will be one of my first stops for Christmas shopping."

- Alano T. 10/4/14

"I love the online sales and clearance items. They ship fast and accurately each time I've ordered thus far."

- Amy R. 2/14/14

"I ordered some dolls on this website and all was handled well. After placing the order, the package was send in time and there were email updates about progress. I did not need to contact customer support, so my rating does not reflect support."

- Stephan E. 4/25/12

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