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AllPosters is the go-to destination to shop for wall art and other fun visual products that express personal interests, life-long passions and of-the-moment obsessions. With a selection of over 1,500,000 images, AllPosters has something for every budget and decorating style. Find your favorite art prints from classic masters and discover up-and-coming artists.

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"Fast, easy and quick delivery.
i had to replace a few posters that were accidentally ripped by an employee (they were prizes for a contest). The replacements came promptly. "

- shellie-53883 5/15/15

"Ordered 3 prints. Two were selected for their best quality and one selected as is --- total cost $166.00 and change.

I am in Canada and had some trouble with the e-store. Thought I was ordering from but somehow ended connected to

Online support got me squared away albeit without connecting me to a Canadian branch.

Package arrived in 18 days. No damage. However, once my money was taken I only received a "package has shipped" notice, No in-transit tracking available which made me nervous. No extra taxes or duties were applied on the posters. All 3 were bundled together and arrived to my door as such.

One poster (a vintage map of Essex UK) was pixelated but not to such an extent as it ruined the overall look. I believe "some" posters are in the form of digitized data and created on a need to print basis. The two vintage maps appeared to have been created this way but the large political map of England "appeared" to have been created from more traditional means.

Overall, I am happy with the allposters product, delivery time, and customer service. I grade them at a "B" on the old grade school scale."

- Rachel W. 2/6/15

"I ordered a map last month, and tracked the number from the website. It says it would come between Jan 13-16 2015, in which I order in december 2014. Status says it's been shipped. It hasn't come yet, and some COINCIDENTAL reason I CANNOT find the e-mail saying I purchased the my $30 map or track the order. This is RIDICULOUS. Never trusting this bullshit again."

- andrew4321 1/17/15

"For now, I am giving 5 stars. I am amazed that I am giving a business founded in Berkeley, CA 5 stars! Actually, since their inception in 1998, they have moved into adjacent Emeryville, where there seem to be quite a few businesses headquartered, possibly because of more favorable rents, parking, and such.

To cut to the chase, I just ordered two black and white posters. One was an aerial view of Paris, looking down the Seine toward the Eiffel Tower. The other was the often seen aerial view of Rio de Janeiro, looking from above Cristo Redentor down to the harbor and Sugarloaf Mountain. At 24" x 36," they were $ 10 each. I could tell that they were tasteful and the reviews echoed that perception. Then, there was a code for 25% off and free ground shipping. I don't care if they take a month to arrive. Bottom line: $15.

I figured AllPosters had to have been started in or near a college town. Their on-line address field mentions 'dorm room' as one of the options!

Like I said, the bottom line was $15!"

- Robert G. 4/19/15

"Recommend foremost for their accessible, competent customer service who're willing to assist in an informative, friendly way. The consumer may be fully secure in knowledge any issues emerging will be addressed satisfactorily, avoiding doubt among customers and instilling confidence with purchases.

However, as I once purchased a poster and the resolution was not perfect as I had expected, which could have been better expressed in the details, I will detract a single rating. Additionally, a slight nitpick of mine: they should list any text at the bottom of posters individually - perhaps too much of a demand considering the manpower required to do so.

Overall, comprehensive selection of posters, reasonable delivery service and competent customer service (for the worst of times)."

- Thomas Norman 10/29/13

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