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zeta. posted on 11/15/2012

"This store should be combined with since they're the same company. I received my order recently from using box. I placed an order with them and received my face lotion in 3 days. Pretty fast and no problems. Website is easy to use also."

Jasmine K. posted on 8/1/2013

"Good place to buy cosmetic products. I have bought lipsticks, perfume, etc.
Their price is not bad, but other websites can be cheaper for certain products, so look around before you buy!"

Abbie L. posted on 2/11/2014

"I placed an order worth $150 and it was stolen by someone working at fedex, I contacted fedex first and they said they'd look for it but that was it. I called with the intention of just telling them what happened and they said not to worry about it and reshipped the whole order for free. Amazing customer service. I'll definitely be shopping with them again."

Mia H. posted on 7/18/2014

"I hate they messed up every order that I have ever placed with them. I would place an order to find out it was cancelled after it went through and not by email several days after when I would check their website to see if the order was mailed. It was cancelled because even though it went through they did not have the stock and didn't know when it would be back in stock. Than I placed another order and they cancelled it again blaming it on Pay Pal and I called Pay Pal and they said it was on their end not Pay Pals and again they didn't contact me to tell me that it was cancelled they are idiots. Than I placed another order directly on my charge card just so they couldn't use pay pal as an excuse and it went through and my order was suppose to be shipped out overnight and 6 days later and numerous phone calls with me holding on and them telling me oh it will be going out today and we will email you and it would never go out yet they charged me and you are not suppose to be charged to it gets mailed. They are the WORST I will never waist my time nor money with these MORONS!"

Rafaela C. posted on 4/14/2015

"I love to use the Philosophy face and body creams. The lip and eye cream. I have to say these products are always fresh and I receive these in 3 days. Best way to buy and not have to leave the home."

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