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Starbucks Reviews

Starbucks, the great coffee store, is the leader in coffeehouses, packaged coffee and more, which offers wide variety of coffees, Tazo ® Teas, K-Cup ® Packs, brewing equipment and gift items. With 149,000 employees all around the world, Starbucks serves millions of people around the world their caffeine fix every day. They have stores in 50 countries numbering around 50,000 retail locations, all around the world.

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Real Customer Reviews

Vicenzo S. posted on 2/13/2013

"Oh Starbucks, this is what keeps me going through the day. I stop in each morning on my way to work. They are the best where I live."

Eric W. posted on 4/27/2014

"They get it right every time! I really like this starbucks! The staff is super friendly and very helpful."

Ataya P. posted on 1/21/2015

"I guess there's not too much to say about yet another Starbucks, but I come here every few weeks or so for morning coffee or tea. This location is close to my job, so it's easy to get to. I have no complaints yet. The baristas are all very friendly and work fast to get the customers in and out of there. I hardly ever get food, since I usually eat breakfast at home, but a couple of times I've had a scone or muffin. Always fresh and delicious. I recommend the little vanilla scones, those are my favorite!

I will say, I don't love the parking lot. Usually pretty crazy out there. Wouldn't it be nice if this was a drive thru location? I think it should be mandatory that all Starbucks around the world have a drive thru option! One can only dream."

Dawn I. posted on 4/7/2015

"Great customer service although the lines are long. Great staff, good coffee and nice atmosphere"

Nico R. posted on 5/29/2015

"Starbucks always has something I want even if I do not need it. This staff always makes me feel great about my day even if their day is not so hot. Starbucks knows how to train their employees and this location is no exception to an example of that.

All the way everyday I need coffee or some delicious treat after a hard days work!"

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