Dockers Reviews – Why Are Customers Unsatisfied with It?

DockersCreated by Levi Strauss & Co. in 1986, the Dockers brand specializes in offering women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, fragrance, accessories and more. You will find an extensive range of styles, colors and sizes for both Men and Women including pants, capris, shorts, skirts, polos, pullovers and tops.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Bought some Dockers Oxford style shoe in October 2014 and the soles on both shoes completely soliton early January. Apparently dockers only warranties it's shoes for 60 days. Absolute garbage."

- anonymous 2/16/15

"Worst online store ever - and I shop quite a bit online so I have several others to compare with.

Cancelled an order a week after it should have been delivered. Takes ages to answer. Simply is not reliable. Do not adhere to EU consumer rights laws.

I really would advise not to shop here. Worst store ever."

- Fashionistas 7/29/14

"I've been buying Dockers for several years.I've noted a continual decline in quality that seems to be related to the country of origin.

The best has been from Bangladesh, followed closely by Vietnam. Currently their pants are sewn in China and the quality is very poor. The cloth quality is poorer, the finishing poor by comparison and most importantly, the pattern seems to have changed. The last pair I bought was short 1.5-2" in back rise and 1.5-2 inches too long in front rise.

Unwearable - donated with apologies to the local thrift shop. I've tried to find out if pants are available from specific countries of origin but Dockers chooses to not reply.

I'm aware they make pants in varying quality levels for specific retailers but again, information not available from Dockers.Reluctantly, I've bought my last pair as long as they choose to obtain supply from China."

- anonymous 6/12/14

"Bought two items during one of their discount+FS drives. While prices might not get as low department stores', the selection is obviously far superior. They have a GREAT return policy too: free returns within 60 days if you use their return label. No questions asked. "

- raino 11/24/10

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