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DoggieFood is an online retailer of specialty pet food for dogs, cats, horses and birds. Some of the brands available at the store include Angel’s eyes, Frontline Plus, Paco Collars and Abady Dog & Cat Foods.

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"As a customer of DoggieFood for quite a while now, they are the first source I check for prices when in need of pet food for my dogs and cat. This is especially true when I receive their online discount coupons with free shipping really makes it worth my while to put in an order. Whether i speak with them on the phone or through emails, they are always provide great customer service and support. Shipping is free and you don't have to wait long for the products to arrive regardless of where they are shipped from. Great job DoggieFood."

- Bill Surovic Customer 6/5/15

"I order AT LEAST $100. per month from them and have been with them for a few years now and I have NEVER had an issue. Confirmation is quick and shipping is unreal- so fast. Seriously I have read some bad reviews but I never had a bad experience. I hope I don't, because the prices are great and the shipping is so fast. I would hate to go elsewhere."

- d b. 4/13/15

"I have been with them for a few years now and have had no issues....I hope to continue with them as the prices are great. The shipping time is unreal, so fast. I spend about $100. a month with them, sometimes more. I have not had any shipping issues, or missed items. I have noticed that the invoice in one box may show all items ordered and appears they ship at the same time but one box might arrive a day later. Seriously fast shipping and no issues. "

- dqbowen 3/22/15

"We purchased 3 bags of Evo dogfood from The first bag was fairly routine as we eased the dogs into it and weaned them off their previous food. After the first bag the dogs seemed to be generally adjusted to the new food and so we began feeding them the 2nd bag. Shortly thereafter (2-3 meals) all three dogs became violently ill with vomiting and diarrhea. Our visit to the vet revealed salmonella poisoning so I checked the serial number on the bag against recall lists from Evo and sure enough the bag was contaminated. Our deepest concern was for our infant son who I understand can catch it from crawling on the same floor the dogs walk around on all day in our home. A call to found their voicemail full."

- CJDT 5/21/14

"I'm glad I found this site! This is one of the only places! I can find the particular brand of grain free dog food my Labs need and love. Mostly I love the speedy delivery. Thanks Guys!"

- Lisa B. 3/11/14

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