Dogster Reviews – Does Your Dog Like It?

Dogster Reviews

Dogster is a dog-themed social networking and forums-based website.

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Real Customer Reviews

Enrique a. posted on 11/1/2010

"Met some cool pet owners, good community."

Sandra H. posted on 5/21/2013

"I use catster and I really love it. I didn't realize they have dogster as well. I have cats, but this site should be great for dog lover's. I have gotten a lot out of the site for cats, and both sites have identical layouts."

Melanie M. posted on 11/14/2013

"I found dogs tear and loved it until I found out that there are a lot of phishing happening. For instance right now there is a dog smile contest that if you follow the link it takes you to one of the most notorious Facebook scam pages"

Anna L. posted on 5/1/2014

"Friendster for Dogs - Build a community for your pet!"

Christopher G. posted on 4/3/2015

"Maria Goodavage's Top Dog is an epic `hero's journey' that poignantly describes the deep bond of brotherhood, honor and love between the four-legged and two-legged warrior teams of military working dog and handler."

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