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Dollar Tree is the nation’s largest dollar store, which makes shopping for everyday needs simpler and hassle-free by offering house wares, glassware, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, toys, games, home decor, cooking utensils and more. Customers love the ease and convenience of shopping at Dollar Tree for the name brand products, including food, clothing items, accessories, personal care items, snacks, food, health and beauty, toys, gifts, craft supplies, seasonal décor, and more.
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"ollar Tree is visited by me for everything that I need in my apartment, you can think of it they might have it. But did you know that I load my Visa Green Dot card which is a RUSH card for only a dollar. Yes. I think if I were to load it for 100 to more the fee would be two dollars. But this price bests the competition such as Wallgreens and 7-11 by four and five dollars for a load fee. I load my card here all the time."

- Jeffery L. 6/8/15

"I put in my 2week notice that i will be out on fmla, and when i went to the job to inform my store mgn that i would know 5-19-2015 what day id be back to wrk.i was informed by the sm that im not to be rehired back to wrk because the regional mgn jason bower stated he does not like me and that i was too direct.also jason has decreminated aganist me because if my color that i was never to be promoted and i was qualified for a few mgn positions."

- sharmaine Mayfield 5/18/15

"I bought the wrong items and realized it just after I paid. I told the guy I need to return the items immediately. He said, "We don't take returns. You can exchange them at any time." I had to leave as I was running late. I brought the items back twice but they wouldn't exchange them as I didn't have the receipt with me. I brought the receipt and they wouldn't exchange them because they said too long had passed. The manager was extremely rude. They have awful customer service."

- Lucy 4/16/15

"I love looking for trinkets at Dollar Tree! I found a ton of things for our upcoming Christmas dinner for a fraction of what I would have paid anywhere else!"

- Maria B. 12/5/14

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