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Dresslink.com belongs to Hong Kong Cyber Technology Limited,which is an worldwide online fashion clothing seller. It supplies the most fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies’apparel internationally. The company offers large variety of clothing styles including: winter jackets and coats for women,party dresses,cute T-shirts,Hot ladies tank tops,Sexy Halter,stylish outer wears,charming under covers, sporty sets,romantic Love Pearls and accessories,elegant evening gowns. It brings you an amazing assortment of products in many brands and styles, and 90% similarity with clothing on famous fashion magazines.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I have always wanted one of these stockings, and I have seen them everywhere around the price of 10-15 dollars in Australian, so when I saw these for less than $5, I just had to buy at least one! I ended up buying the bunny style, and it looks so amazing! The bottom part isnt exactly black, and is a bit sheer, but for this price, I think I can deal with that. I am really happy with this buy, and would definitely buy again!"

- bi**m 1/29/15

"The The delivery time takes too long and sometimes the clothe are too small or poorly made, the jewelry is so fragile,the chains are britle , the products are different than advertised, And they take out the money adapt, but we have to wait up to 6 weeks for delievery?i think I will very much hesitate to order again....... A dis-satisfied customer"

- ekrp707 1/27/15

"I sincerely love Dresslink. The customer service is amazing, especially if you get a live rep. I've order 5 times so far spending way over what I intend to because the deals are so good :p
I have always gotten my packages, they come usually 25 days after for me and I use the china post service. The quality of the clothing is pretty good my winter jacket that I ordered has held up in the wash machine and dryer and has lasted the winter so far ^.^
I have to admit all the bad reviews people are leaving scared me away at first, so I started with something small and now order large amounts. You guys who have lost the packages must be rude to the service or something because i am always polite when something is taking too long and the fix it always within 24h.
Heck, they even gave me a refund for a product I still have because it didn't fit right.
I will always recommend this site to my friends and family ALWAYS because I truly enjoy what they have to offer.
though I do recommend you wash the clothes right away because of slight smell and residue that makes me itchy (i think it is dust)

Tip for consumers: Wash the clothing s soon as you get them on DELICATE or Casual setting with COLD water, Dry on low heat ^.^"

- Ashley v. 1/24/15

"Actually, my experience with Dresslink itself was pretty good. They did run out of an item that I ordered, but was quickly refunded, so that was great. The package arrived as promised..within the time frame...so that was also great! The only part was that after a couple of weeks, we got a bill from FedEx re: customs/duty fees. I wish they could have done it when they delivered so I didn't have a surprise $20+ bill later.. but other than that, everything was great."

- sweetchic 1/13/15

"It's been 2 months since doing my online shop. Dresslink is one of my major supplier. In terms of customer service, I would say they are very accommodating, and willing to solve all your demands/inquiry. I received my item on time but some of the item I might say the quality is not that good but what can you get for a cheaper price. All in all I satisfied with Dresslink."

- Cristina L. 12/8/14

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