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Real Customer Reviews

Christina P. posted on 11/12/2011

"Your course is very informative and kept me alert throughout the entire studies. The 17 minute video of the drunk driver and the death of the young victim has had a serious impact on me. It has served it's purpose.
I completed the course within 3 days/6 hours. Glad to be done with it. The course is very informative and I choose to focuse on the benefits of this course: The knowledge of the traffic laws and a refresher of my awareness of the traffic laws and defensive driving as well as the information of the maintenance schedule for my vehicle. Everyone should be educated on this subject. Thank you, for such a thorough coverage."

Jack L. posted on 6/26/2013

"Although this review is extremely late, DriversEd was awesome throughout my entire training process. The site was easy to use and inexpensive.

The in car lessons were great-- all the instructors were friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I also love that you drive MINIs around-- they handle well and are cool cars!

My favorite instructor was David M. He prepared me extremely well for my DMW Drive Test the week before-- which has led to my continued driving success over the years!

Highly recommended over some of those smaller sketchy driving schools!"
Donnie D. posted on 9/5/2014

"Avoid taking the online classes with, the classes are too long! and I Mean way too long. I am so glad I moed out of the Santa Clara County and move elsewhere, whew!"

Jose A. posted on 1/18/2015

"Both Catherine and Long were good instructors. Long gave me a lot of tips. I liked the exercise where he told me he would identify a few key things every time he approaches an intersection like "how many lanes going left, straight, right?", How many pedestrians?", "Unprotected or protected left?". I use this technique all the time now. There are so many more tips he has. Go book a lesson with him.

The admin, Mai was very accommodating with my request since I needed a 2 hour lesson and DMV road test package on such short notice. Really appreciated this.

I wasn't really into the Mini Coopers at first but after driving them, I fell in love immediately. The car handles really well. I would get one if I could.

I highly recommend this driving school."

Anna K. posted on 3/7/2015

"It was very pleasant to take lessons with Long: he is very attentive, polite and friendly. He provided a lot of useful comments, he noticed my mistakes and weak points, analyzed them, explained how I can perform better and made me repeat the same maneuver until it became better. He also trained my attention and scanning skills as we approached intersections and he explained why I should make things the way I should (e.g. keep closer to the curb before making the right turn, where I should stop when I'm going to make a left turn, when I should start turning, etc...). His boss, Mai, is helpful and accommodative with scheduling the lessons. And their Minis are easy and fun to drive."

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