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Drvita.com is the famous sotre that sells vitamins, supplements, and other health and beauty products delivered directly from the manufacturer to your door. Their modern products backed by the latest science and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility right here in the USA, with over 90 quality control checks in place to provide absolutely premium quality.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Amazing DrVita six daily multivitamin that has 10 - 100X higher levels of active ingredients so they actually work plus nutrients like CoQ10, Green Tea, Resveratrol, Turmeric and many others missing entirely in most others. I also take their C3 turmeric and triple strength fish oil."

- OregonPinot 2/10/15

"my experience in the past was WONDERFUL....since whatever the changes they've made, it's been HORRID!!!. i can't get the products that i want anymore. the website is a nitemare and phone orders are no longer possible.....as i understand it. too bad. it was a good company with good products."

- mikki B. 1/9/15

"Just got my order. Supplements and food have dates that are about to expire. Kind bars taste slightly stale. Avoid this place."

- GeorgeR 11/5/14

"I called Dr. Vita to place an order and the call was promptly answered by Wanda. She was extremely pleasant and helpful! I often have trouble understanding people on the phone, but her voice and her manner of speaking made it very easy to understand everything she told me. She made sure that I understood my shipping options and gave me the total cost before taking my credit card information. This is a nice change from companies who want your credit card information at the beginning of the process and try to conceal the total cost from you. I was very pleased with her professionalism & friendliness. She's a great representative of your company! If your product is as great as your employee, I'll be a repeat customer."

- matilda1 2/12/14

"awful first time customer experience!
Big mistake that only after placing order I read reviews.
6 day after order is placed I asked about status, I receive email saying that zip code was incorrect! and order was cancelled... but the charge on my card without refund yet... even after 10 days after order was placed
Awful, just bad business practices NEVER AGAIN
dR VITA should put the IS guys to work! zip code error? all I did is saying shipping and mailing same address."

- ada marina 12/16/12

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