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DS is derived from ‘Distinctive Style’, the brand essence is to create the unique fashion for mobile accessories. DS.Styles aim at bringing the seasonal fashion accessories for all mobile models, including phone case cover and other accessories, such as 4 season collection (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter), Valentines collection, Easter collection, Christmas collection, etc. This can bring the freshness to customers whenever the new season and festival coming, and they can mix and match with their clothes to create their own fashion as well.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I purchased from DSStyles on two different occasions. Both we for cases for Samsung smart phones, and they arrived in about 2 weeks for each. Also included were free styluses (I think that is the plural form of stylus), as well as 10% off coupons. I was hesitant about DsStyles when I initially ordered, a their reviews are not the greatest, but all I can say is it went very well. I received communication on shipment information, etc., in a timely manner and the product arrived as quick as it could from Hong Kong. I would recommend DsStyles (at least with regards to Samsung phone cases) to anyone."

- Ronald K. 6/22/15

"I'm still waiting for my refund from buying a phone case they never had. I have to jump through hoops with Paypal for my money. My advice is go somewhere else. At least you'll get what you paid for.

Update. They gave me the refund but I had to get nasty with them and threaten them with spreading bad reviews. They say they never received any of my emails dispite replying directly and using their customer contact form. They're just rip off artists."

- julie H. 3/8/15

"Just received my olympus xz leatherette case (smells like real leather!) with "Olympus" inscribed on the front. Nice quality and fits perfectly. Fast, really fast shipping (made it from China to Chicago in 2 days. Took 10 days from Chicago to go 400 miles to my home (why?). I give DSstyles five stars for excellent quality and service."

- Willie D. 1/17/15

"Stay away from this site!!! They sell cheap imitation junk from China; and then refuse to give a refund when you receive it, because you need to have a refund approved within 2 days of receipt......this is not possible when they won't answer your emails!!! I wouldn't be surprised if they have not got hold of my credit card details and selling them all over the Internet!!!!"

- Bob b. 11/9/14

"I wish I would have checked reviews before purchasing from this company. I paid $213.64 for a Swarovski Crystal iPhone case. Within a few weeks the crystals began falling off in several places! When I contacted them I asked for a replacement and they refused! The only option they gave me was to either send me crystals that I could glue on or I could send the case back to them for them to touch up. My concern is that the remaining crystals will continue to fall off!! POOR QUALITY-POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! They are a complete RIP OFF!! Don't PURCHASE FROM THEM!!!"

- Charles J. 9/2/14

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