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Dunham’s Sports is a regional sporting goods superstore chain owned by Dunham’s Athleisure Corporation, with stores located in the Midwestern to Southeastern United States. The chain specializes in athletic equipment, clothing, guns, and other sports-related items.

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Real Customer Reviews

Brandi D. posted on 7/6/2012

"Piss poor service! This place is a pure example of how bad attitudes and behavior can trickle down from management to entry level employees. Went here to purchase a pair of new bowling shoes asked the manager (middle aged caucasian lady) for a point in the right direction toward bowling shoes and she barely lifted her head to assist me. In a separate incident I also later in the same shopping experience while getting my items rang up inquired the cashier about the manager and he informed me "yea shes a bitch". Dunhams needs to send this store and staff to Tyra for a complete make over immediately!!!!"

Jesper G. posted on 5/25/2013

"They do have a lot of stuff in the store - but it is very difficult to find anything and it is hard to get any service. Not one of those good experiences ..."

Kaye P. posted on 3/15/2014

"I wish I had read the reviews before my cousin and I decided to wander in. Today was a beautiful day - rare in March in the state of MI. So we decided to walk from Target to Kroger's where we were on our way to pick up some goodies to bake cookies. Feeling good about the sun, and about the cookies we were going to be eating in a few hours we decided to stop in and see if we could find some shoes for my niece.

Strangely I see what Jennifer L. under me here is speaking of - sunlight doesn't seem to reach this store. It was depressing to be inside, and there was nobody around to help us. I lapped the store twice in order to find an associate to get the size shoe we wanted. We found nobody. Asked twice...and then left.

At least we were back in the sunlight!"

Joe B. posted on 4/7/2014

"Strange indeed and with a limited selection of merchandise. I'm also not sure if there were any employees actually in the building...I may have seem one hiding near the shoes. Cluttered and cramped and sketchy at best."

Amby M. posted on 7/30/2014

"What a strange store...I walked in mid-morning on a weekday and had gotten all the way to the back of the store before I spotted another human being. I was on the hunt for a pedometer...when I found them, the selection was shockingly lacking. Grabbed the best of the meager offerings (at this point wishing I'd just braved Wal-Mart's sporting goods section) and headed up front. Was quickly checked out by a very nice girl and headed home."

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  1. Nobody around help us in this store. Like a darken store. my suggestion is placing more employees and separate items on cabins structures. thats help everyone and you can improove your collection.

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