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Founded in 2010, DylanQueen.com is a fashion retailer offering exciting, beautifully designed, excellent quality fashion for women and girls. It supplies a full range of Prom Dresses, Evening Dresses, Party Dresses, and Special Occasion Dresses’s production. And thousands of new products are added every day on this site.

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Real Customer Reviews

"At first I just wanted to look around for dresses when I came by the website. One thing I noticed is they sell and cater almost all types and kinds of dresses from evening dress, prom dress, cocktail dress, graduation dress and bridesmaid dress down to any type of formal dress. I just ordered one dress from this site and from this particular company to test not only the service quality but also to test the product quality. I was really happy when I received my first product package. The company is true to its word of providing top quality. First impression lasts!

Moreover, the dress can actually be customized according to the size and design you actually want. I advise that you also get a dress from this company now!"

- Ciurea Doina 7/26/15

"Very happy with my purchase.

Purchased a dressed from Dylanqueen and it fit perfectly. Usually I wouldnt purchase clothing online but the size actually matched! The quality was high and the material was really good.

But even more important the customer service was good and very fast to answer any of my questions. Really made me feel important on the big day. "

- shaneconrad5 7/25/15

"I must say i was very dissapointed to receive my dress this morning. It looks nothing with the picture they advertise on their website. The picture is very misleading because clearly it looks nothing with what i received. The jewels on the picture look equally placed on the dress to balance the colours. What i have here looks like a magicians assistant. Its a clash of loooooooooads of pink emeralds. Again nothing like the picture. Its a poor quality of work like somebody gave children a box of pink emeralds to stick on the chest section. No colour balance AT ALL!!! I feel cheated , misleaded i feel robbed of my money because its clearly not a professional job. If its your policy not to give refunds because i just dont like it i have to say this is not the case. This is a case of not receiving what i paid for. I want my money back i have no time for fixing the dress anymore or start anything from scratch. This is malpractice and i am deeply dissapointed as i was very eager to receive the dress.
I also truly thing these kind of website should be legally banned. Its a shame ther is no pther organization to claim your money back."

- Brandy F. 7/16/15

"Let me start off by saying just don't order. Don't look at the site, don't be fooled by the cheap prices, just stay away. First off the pictures of the dresses on the site aren't the dresses they make. They take American designer dresses and attempt to make replicas that end up looking like poo! When I first removed my dress from its packaging the cheap beads immediately began to fall off. Threads were hanging and the dress was entirely too BIG. The beads look like something you would buy from other store and I could have probably stuck them on better myself. The fabric was incredibly cheap and heavy. I received my dress 5 days before my PROM and was stuck feeling hopeless. I tried to get it tailored and with the way the dress was made it was impossible. I was stuck with a dress that your grandmother would probably love as a tablecloth and trying to find a dress 4 days before my prom. Customer service is just as Disappointing as their imposter dresses. I've emailed them several times in regards to getting a refund and they continue to send me an invoice. I realized I've wasted my time and money. I hope someone reads this reviews and reconsiders ordering so they won't go through what I had to. The dress you will recieve will be NOTHING like the picture you see."

- EmilioHolbrook 4/25/15

"I was looking to order a dress for my niece Debbie and she found what she wanted from Dylanqueen. I'm always weary on ordering clothing online as not everyone seems to agree on what sizes actually mean but they came through with exactly what she was looking for and it fit perfectly! Happy to order from them and would probably do so again if the needs arose."

- Stuart Conover 4/20/15

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