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Eachmall.com is a global online retail company that delivers high-quality low-price products, usually made in China, to various consumers around the world. Founded in 2008, the parent company of eachmall.com has devoted every effort to provide a convenient way to bridge the supply and need across the world for a wide selection of products, ranging from game accessories, small gadgets, apple product peripherals, consumer electronics, toys and most recently to LED products, outdoor equipment, car accessories, watches, jewelry, and pet-related merchandise.

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"People should have a little bit more patience and understanding in internet shopping.
Judging from my long term experience with eachmall, the goods are sent quickly (mostly within 24 hours), goods pretty fast reach the destination (7-20 days) and the goods are of good quality. People there are always cooperative and willing to provide assistance and good cooperation."

- imrsi25 1/17/15

"I ordered my product on the 9th of December, Recieved it on the 29th of December. I really loved my item, it was what i was expecting."

- Ernie R. 12/29/14

"So far I have ordered over $200 USD over three orders and have not had a problem with Eachmall. I find that their products are very low priced and good for what you are paying for them. The shipping time is what people complain about, but I pay for DHL and never wait more than 3-5 days from HK to Los Angeles. Customer service is also pretty great - you send a message from the website and usually get a reply within a day or two - you have to understand that they are on a 15 hour time difference from us here on the west coast of the USA. If I message them on Friday noon here, it is already early Saturday morning there and I won't get a reply for a few days because of the weekend. Any problems that I have had have been taken care of by two customer service reps: "Ruffil" and "Terry". I will continue to do business with them because they have great items at incredible prices, the phone covers, sunglasses, phone accessories and tablets make for excellent gifts for family and friends. I recommend them highly!"

- ayala1979 8/24/14

"Very Bad experience. I ordered a couple of PS3 controllers and a shell to replace another PS3 controller. First it took two weeks after my payment was verified to let me know that the items were on back order (and I had to contact them to find that out).
Once the items finally arrived (four weeks after ordering and paying for 4-6 day shipping from Fed Ex) they arrived via DHL (not Fed Ex) and they will not work. The controllers will not pair up and the shell will not fit. Tried several times to contact Eachmall only to get replies that kept repeating themselves. “please provide a pic, or please tell us the problem” . I would tell them the problem and send a pic but no help there.

I used Pay-Pal to pay and opened a dispute. They were going to rule in my favor and issue a refund, all I had to do was ship the items back. When I checked on shipping rates, the cost far exceeded the refund amount. I paid $56 US and the cheapest shipping I could find was $76 US.
My recommendation, stay away from Eachmall. Do not use Pay-Pal or any other means to pay. You will not be able to get you money back due to the high cost of shipping to China."

Mark 2/3/14

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