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Specializing in handbags, luggage and accessories supplies and equipments, eBags is the world’s most loved and trusted online destination for bags and all things travel. It is known for its merchandise of popular brands such as adidas, Caribee, eyn case, Ferrari Casuals, Kenneth Cole New York and more.

Founded in 1999, the company have shipped out more than 20 million bags and counting – each bag a trusty companion for untold journeys. It offers branded luggage, travel accessories and handbags with the highly quality. Every eBags private label product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Real Customer Reviews

"For me, I dont' need to get get a bag that fast.. Product is great, arrived on time, and 20% off. Great site!"

- ta_ac 1/6/15

"Let me just start by saying: DON'T DO IT!!! after waiting a week they cancelled my order and sent me an email...ooopps sorry! we oversold the item. This is a "DROP-SHIP COMPANY!!"
NO STORE, NO WHAREHOUSE NO INVENTORY!!! they just take orders only, they have no idea about inventory, shipping what is coming in or going out...Mr right Hand has no Idea of what Mr left hand is doing! They communicate with there suppler buy email only...if someone bothers to read them!
They screwed up two orders of mine before I just gave up and I am still waiting for my money back. The are a power seller on EBay 12% of there feedback is neutral or negative, that is over 300 people to date!

- cal c. 1/5/15

"I ordered a wallet for my husband and it came within a week. It was exactly what I expected."

- Charity L. 12/18/14

"I found their website to be extensive, competitively priced and offering a huge variety. Once narrowed down, I ordered two suitcases (his & hers) and they arrived promptly and were exactly as advertised. Unfortunately I misjudged the size and they were too small. They advertise a free return program so I followed the easy online instructions and dropped off the boxes at my nearby UPS Store. Meanwhile they offered the same style in a larger size (of course they did - the choices are endless) so I ordered two bigger cases. They arrived promptly and were the perfect size and exactly what I should have ordered in the first place. The retuned cases were received and credited back to my account quickly and without fanfare. No drama, quick, simple and done. I will definitely shop here again, it's a place you can shop at with confidence."

- Steven K. 9/6/14

"I LOVE this site and its eponymous products. I own the ebags brand Mother Lode, a laptop pack and the packing cubes and I they are essentials. I use and abuse them daily, travel with them and they take it. Highly recommended for bag purchases, but PARTICULARLY recommend that you take a hard look at the ebags-branded option, if there is one, for items you're considering.

Cannot recommend highly enough."

- brea s. 8/7/14

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