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Electrified.com Reviews

Electrified Discounters, Inc. (electrified.com), established in 1983, was one of the first mail order microcomputer dealers in the country. With over 32 years in the business, Electrified stands as one of the most reputable, quality-oriented companies today.

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Real Customer Reviews

MD P. posted on 4/29/2014

"I purchased a replacement lamp for my projector from Electrified.com. The lamp was defective out of the box. I don't think it was a "new" lamp as advertised. When trying to return this lamp, electrified.com wanted me to pay for the shipping! After much complaining on my part they gave in and did what they should and took care of the shipping. The only problem is that the second replacement lamp only lasted 120 hours. With other replacements I get over the 2000 rated hours before noticing any degradation in performance. So, electrified.com replaced one defective product with another slightly less defective product...enough to get past the 90 days.."

Berny. posted on 5/2/2014

"I bought two lamp from electrified discounter and every time the lamp is broken under warranty, they sent e back a new one very fast, this is a very good costumer service."

Gatorkarl. posted on 7/10/2014

"I searched several sites for a replacement lamp for my projection TV and found the best deal at Electrified.com,
shipment and delivery was very quick."

baker. posted on 12/14/2014

"We purchase projector bulbs for our school from Electrified.com because their prices are nearly half of their competitors and they ship quickly. Our last order shipped within two hours of purchase (we even received a UPS tracking email!). The previous company from which we purchased bulbs actually took eight months and multiple phone calls to deliver the order at nearly double the cost. Electrified.com has been a dream to work with! I highly recommend this company."

Ryan S. posted on 12/31/2014

"I ordered a lamp from them which I thought was an OEM lamp in an aftermarket housing. The way they described it I thought that it was. It was actually an aftermarket bulb in an aftermarket housing. This was disappointing, but more disappointing was the fact that the lamp was defective. I called them to return it and they didn't want to pay for the return shipping but they did agree to. I returned the lamp for credit and they credited all but the original shipping cost. I called and asked that they refund that also. They called me back and said that they did. So the product was defective, but they did issue a full refund. I was happy that they made it right so I thought I would write a review about that."

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