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Johnathan G. posted on 10/6/2013

"This is the website that inspired me to become an inventor/entrepreneur. Very nice content and resources. Very good learning material."

Kevin B. posted on 12/8/2013

"I was wondering if entrepreneur was on here. hands down best site for start up, small business, big business, tips, warnings, market insight, online culture it's a valuable site to have."

Todd L. posted on 9/6/2014

"This is my go to reference when people ask me about how to start a home business. There are so many scams on the internet these days and it just sickens me to read about how they suck people in to paying big $$$ for the next big MLM scam or internet riches or buying real estate with no money down. If you are looking to make some money in your own business, read this online website instead..."

Jari T. posted on 12/19/2014

"Best advises available!"

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