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Equifax Review

Equifax is a consumer credit reporting agency in the United States, considered one of the three largest American credit agencies along with Experian and TransUnion. Founded in 1899, Equifax is the oldest of the three agencies and gathers and maintains information on over 400 million credit holders worldwide. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Equifax is a global service provider with US $1.5 billion in annual revenue and 7,000+ employees in 14 countries.

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TyrisFlare. posted on 5/27/2012

"I signed up for a free trial with Equifax to get a look at my credit report and score. Even after the free trial was over I've received alerts when my credit score or report changed. I, of course, would have had to purchase their product to see what the specific change was, but it was still a good system to alert me to changes in case I did not expect them. Of the credit reporting bureaus, I am happiest with Equifax. That is to say it is the lesser of three evils. "

Alex P. posted on 7/18/2012

"I'm so frustrated right now! This review has nothing to do with the credit scoring, just their customer service and online products...

I bought a product online, which of course was easy... anyway, after a month of it, I decided that I didn't like it and wanted to discontinue any further service/ payments. Of course, Equifax will not let you stop using their products via internet even though that is how I bought it and I had a username and password and my social security number and credit card linked to it... no! they made me call them to cancel! I had to wait 20 minutes only for a guy in India to tell me that I wasn't the same person that bought the product and needed to provide proof before they would stop charging my credit card. ugh! so frustrating. Just a quick pointer, the website is user friendly and its very easy to buy things, but be aware, if you sign up for a recurring monthly fee (as opposed to a one time payment for something), you might never get out of it!

Anyway, aside from that not so great experience, I still think that Equifax's website is the easiest to use of the 3 agencies. I might consider using it again (at a one time price because customer service sucks)"

Sharon W. posted on 11/3/2013

"This is the credit bureau that is supposed to be helping us and to be our watchdog???? After a confusing credit report, they claimed that we were victims of identity theft and assured us that we needed to sign up for monthly monitoring. They said we could end up responsible for thousands of dollars of debt that was not ours. Their dramatic claims turned out to be an old, co-signing problem that had been cleared up years ago. There was no evidence of identity theft. Although they assured us we could quit the monthly sign-up it was almost impossible to do. I guess my next step is to file a report with the Federal Trade Commission."

Erin O. posted on 1/31/2014

"I have a security freeze on my equifax, experian, and transunion and it is impossible for me to lift the freeze on-line and I always have to call. The numbers they give you on the mass amounts of paper work they send to you, go to no one. The number at the top: 1-678-795-7000, is a dream and you can actually speak to a human being! So fortunately, I've been able to lift the freeze anywhere from a month to four months without a problem! It's so nice considering the loops one has experienced and has to go to in order to get and manage the freeze. So I'm grateful for this number!!
Thank you,'

Incresco M. posted on 9/20/2014

"Equifax charged me for my "Free" credit report, the Equifax Credit File, which shows up as no-charge on my online Equifax page, but curiously shows up as a charge of $15.90 on my credit card.

When I called to have this corrected, the customer service representative was argumentative, said that the $15.90 was for my credit Score (which I was NOT provided with), refused to reverse the charges, and put me on hold for OVER AN HOUR when I asked to speak to a supervisor.

During this time, I heard no hold music or anything else, so I think he just placed the phone down and didn't actually put me in the phone queue to speak to the manager.

When I called back, I spoke to another individual (Steven) who again and again stated that they had not charged me for the report, even though my credit card statement says otherwise. When pressed, he finally told me to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

When I was done on the phone with him, I stayed on the line to take the customer satisfaction survey, Steven made me wait through 5 minutes of dead air time prior to being given the survey, obviously hoping that I would hang up!

I will never do business with Equifax again, and encourage you to AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!"

Tiffany K. posted on 12/29/2014

"I checked my credit report on the 22nd of December and gave my credit card info to get the 7 day "free trial". The "free trial" was due to expire yesterday so I called. I was on hold for about an hour and I had to hang up. I tried looking on their site where to cancel this "free trial" and it's not possible. So I was charged $17.95 for the month. I'm on the phone with them right now and have been on hold for 40 minutes now. The voice that comes on and gives you a smidgen of hope that an operator is about to take your call is very annoying because it doesn't happen. Don't ever in your life sign up for a free trial on Equifax because YOU WILL PAY FOR IT."

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