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eTreasureBox Reviews

eTreasureBox is the leader in bringing high value eTreasure to members, including shopping, travel, dining, jewelry, and entertainment options. How?They’ve negotiated one of a kind deals with top providers. eTreasureBox has built a program unlike any other on the planet…backed by rock-solid technology, and designed to connect millions of members with their choice of valuable eTreasure.

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Real Customer Reviews

Lucy B. posted on 6/27/2014

"Just signed for this site! I can't believe it! This is the coolest thing I've come across in a long time as far as getting a great deal! It's basically all egift cards, and they are very good ones. $850 cruises, $100 eshopping card, egift cards for weight loss/vitamins, art, NASCAR Racing Experience, vacations etc. They charge you $29.99/month, and you get to pick one egift a month plus get a bonus egift and a $100,000 sweepstakes entry. I was like this is too good to be true, but I signed up for the trial and immediately got my Ecode. Im like omg this real! So they actually let you upgrade to pay upfront instead of monthly to get the cost down to $19.99/month. I just did that to save, because that is the best deal!! I can't wait till next month!"

Stacy L. posted on 6/28/2014

"This is crazy cool! I've never heard of anything like this company! You get to pick $100-$1000 worth of e gift cards for $29.99/month or less one time a month. They instantly email you the codes which is awesome. They also have these fun bonuses where you pick a treasure box to get surprise e gift cards and also let you play a $100,000 sweepstakes game free! I picked a $100 e shopping card first. Already used it. It's real! Now I can't wait till next month cause they have a $850 cruise I'm going to get next! Telling my friends about this one!"

Pierce S. posted on 8/15/2014

"This might be the coolest new site I've seen in awile. So happy with my first bonus cruise I got. The e gift voucher came instantly. I thought at first it was too good to be true, but I thought what the heck. It worked! My girlfriend and I got a 3/2 cruise booked and all for $3.95 when I signed up for the trial! I upgraded after i realized my cruise was for real with no catch. Now I cant wait till next month to pick another e gift card. Telling my friends cause this is ridiculous.."

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