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Everbuying.net is a leading global online wholesale retail company operating in the international wholesale market specializing in electronics and contemporary fashion. By closely following the very latest trends and developments in European and American fashion, Everbuying.net has enjoyed years of continuous growth by faithfully serving a worldwide customer base of thousands of satisfied customers from over 200 countries since 2006.

With more than 100,000 diverse product lines for the international market encompassing the very latest in top-quality products, such as the latest in cheap Android cell phones, cheap Android tablets, cheap car DVD players, cheap LED lighting, all kinds of cool electronic gadgets, cheap dresses, affordable fashion wedding dresses, cosplay costumes, outdoor equipment and many more great products.

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Real Customer Reviews

"EverBuying is my #1 online clothing line. It is where i get 90% of my things online from and that's because they're clothes are affordable, fashionable, and there's about every selection of clothing that you can think of. I know whether i'm making $100 a month or $1,000,000 a month i'll get clothes from this site!"

- lumpkin_demetrius 1/26/15

"This is the first online site that I had my first transaction with. at first I thought that I was just going to lose my money for undelivered goods, but guess I was totally wrong. I like the type of service this site offers, among them promotions, timeous deliveries, marvellous customer care, and a wide range of fantabulous products."

- TATENDA M. 1/25/15

"This is in response to some of the complaints regarding everbuying.Just purchased a phone on Monday1/12/15 paid 3.99 for expedited DHL sshipping.

Received yesterday 1/19/15. The phone works great. At first I couldn't use internet nor text pics. I realized that I needed to change a few proxy and protocol #'s in MMS.

I'm no Bill Gates. But for 70 dollars for a knockoff of a 600 dollar phone,it is well worth it. While some of the complaints are valid. I am sure some could have been handled by A, spending 4 bucks for fast shipping.

And B, reading up info from your cell service provider.This is an unsolicited testimonial from someone who almost didn't buy because of the complaints on this site."

- anonymous 1/20/15

"I am relatively new to the community of Everbuying. I have registered about 2 months ago. Since then I have bought some products too. Everbuying have an excellent and very efficient customer service since the officers always reply within 24 hours. This online store has a wide range of good quality products with reasonable prices which everyone can afford. On a separate note, shipping is not that efficient, however I am very satisfied with Everbuying community's service."

- Joseph P. 1/17/15

"I bought some motion-activated LED lights for tyre valve caps, to put on my bicycle (www.everbuying.com/product409536.html). They fit cars as well.

Each light contains multiple LEDs of different colours. They're bright, colourful and draw attention, which is great when cycling, for safety and style.

I liked them so much, I bought more for the whole of my family, which didn't cost much at all, at USD 1.71 per pair."

- Guest 7/16/13

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