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Eve’s Addiction began as an online jewelry and gifts store. Today, it offers great ways to personalize jewelry and gifts including engraved necklaces, photo jewelry, engraved picture frames and much more. Whether you are looking for the lastest jewelry styles for yourself, or are trying to find the perfect personalized gift Eve’s Addiction has thousands of options to choose from.Eve’s Addiction specializes in a variety of jewelry and gifts from everyone in your life. From dog tags for men, to family tree necklaces for mom and birthstone jewelry for kids, you will find a perfect option for everyone in your family.

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Real Customer Reviews

"the website gave me an error and said it didn't process the order. i submitted the order again and it went through just fine. i saw that when the website error'd out it did submit the order so i had 2 orders with the same item. i emailed customer service and within a couple of hours they had it all sorted out and they refunded the money back to my card for the first order. customer service was super friendly and followed up with me to make sure everything was done correctly. this is one reason i am a repeat customer. thank you for your help."

- jhosmer1978 7/3/15

"Sad to say. Most of the negative comments are correct. I read the reviews after the fact I had already spent $120 on jewelry. So I was very nervous I just got screwed. Jewelry came fast but when I opened it I was slightly disappointed. It does look pretty cheap. For the price I paid I expected better. The vintage cross looks really cheap. I had a dog tag engraved with a photo. You can hardly see the photo on the dog tag unless you move it to get better light on it. The vintage ring is ok. Kinda feel duped. Lesson learned I guess. Their products are not worth the high prices they charge. I guess they're supposed to be sterling silver but they're not even good looking sterling silver. Needless to say I wouldn't recommend buying from this company. It's more like costume jewelry."

- Erin c. 3/11/15

"Stay away from this site!!! I ordered and paid in full for a UPS shipping, and still waiting after 3 months!!! They first told me the order was cancelled, but never refund! Then found the order but it was shipped with normal post (still paid for UPS). Then that the order was cancelled again but not refund!!! Stay away this is scam!!"

- Tommaso P. 12/3/14

"I just received my engraved bracelet and the infinity ring I ordered. The order was shipped the same day i've ordered the items (since the bracelet had to be engraved, i'm really impressed). After only two days, the order arrived, and although I was a little bit concerned about the quality of the items, since they were on a big sale, when I had them in my hands, I must say, they are so pretty and I'm truly happy to have them. I hope that this not just a lucky order, I saw some rough reviews about this company.... But one has to be fair, and since I had a great experience with them I will give them an honest, great review!"

- Gia27 11/10/15

"terrible quality of item - item arrived broken and did not look like the perfect item on the website. poor craftsmanship and poor customer service. i think any good reviews on this website must be fake and posted by their own staff. on their own webs...ite they only post good reviews so don't bother reviewing them through their website if you have anything negative to say - wont post anything below 4 and a half stars. not a company i would ever do business with again! they are not ones to care about retaining customers like many other companies i have done transactions with."

- sammyspinner 3/22/13

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