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Founded in 1996, Expedia is the largest global travel site that allows consumers to research, plan and purchase the cheapest travel rates for lights, hotels, cars, cruises, and more. Bringing the world closer to you, Expedia is the place to go if you are looking for affordable rates on vacations, rental cars & cruises. You can combine the convenience of online reservations along with discounted flights and cheap vacation packages. Customers have rated Expedia positively for its great customer service, great prices and hassle-free shipping.
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"Sorry if I burst anyone's bad bubble that has posted here, but I have to say that my experience with Expedia for several years has been great. I use them every time I book a room and have needed to cancel, change my itinerary, etc. with no problem. I noticed complaints involving bookings overseas which I have not ever done, so I can't comment there. I always check other websites and do a comparison and every time I end up with Expedia!"

- Stephanie Langford 11/27/14

"Had one hiccup with them but it was more the fault of the hotel. Expedia helped as much as they could but even though the hotel was misleading and they got me some money back, that hotel is still on their site. Every other booking through them has been great! I would recommend them to others. Thanks."

- Sara W. 11/19/14

"Expedia customer service is a joke. They use overseas staff only, and will hangup on you without warning or tell you they can't hear you whenever they can't resolve the problem.

Will never use this horrible service."

- mayy7 10/31/14

"Expedia.com an average site, although like many sites is too packed with stuff which makes it confusing to find what you want. Contact the site admin directly or contact customer support team through chat or call. If they are available online you will correct solutions for your problem. This site drawback no exchange facilities and low branch only. This company not consider to the customer’s needs and wants. So when you are purchasing the items be careful. They are also not providing offers and discount facilities."

- joan c.9/16/14

"Its very similar to many of the other travel sites. I think it because they often offer deals I cannot get else where. For instance, I booked a room in Cabo and they gave me $50 off. Pretty good!"

- Stephanie N. 4/21/14

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