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Started in 1998,  Eyesave.com is an online retailer of designer eyewear with discounts of up to 70% off the retail price including sunglasses, eyeglasses, reading glasses, accessories and more. It offers the largest selection of affordably priced reading glasses from favorite brands such as Clic, Scojo, ICU, Gabriel+Simone, Calvin Klein, Fendi, Kate Spade and many more.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Outstanding customer service just purchase a pair of sunglasses , arrived in less the 5 days with all the certificates and accessories.
Would definitely recommend to a friend or anybody who needs a quality sunglasses on great savings compare to the High street stores!!! "

- cvetozarc 2/12/15

"I ordered 2 pairs of sunglasses for my nephew's birthday 12 days ago. They said it would arrive in 3-5 days max. 3 days later they called to say my order was being held up for a billing issue. The issue? I was having it shipped to San Diego to my nephew, so it did not match my billing address. I even paid for gift wrap! That held up the order and they said it still could not ship for 2 days because they had to get it from the vendor. Guess what? 12 days later I just got another email that said my order was being held up for a billing issue!!!???!!! That I needed to contact them in 48 hours or the order would be cancelled! They are in NY, I am in LA, they are closed, my nephew did not get a birthday gift... All this time I thought the order had been shipped and received! I am pissed!!!!!"

- Paulette Guinart 5/9/14

"SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE NOW...DONT USE EYESAVE.com Terrible experience with eyesave.com. They send you an email telling you to allow 3-5 days for shipment but what they dont tell you is it takes 7 business days for "processing" before they even ship. I called today and asked why they dont tell you that and the very unfriendly agent said "Ill look into it". I will not use eyesave.com again and would not recommend you to use them either."

- Shopping User 6/4/13

"After making me wait for weeks for this order to be shipped, you have the inimitable gall to suggest that you will give me 48 hours to correct a problem which you instigated by your own procrastination?! How dare you! You will wait until I inform and direct you as to how to proceed. You serve the customers, not vice-versa. Without myself and fellow shoppers, you would be in a bread or soup line! I further demand that you refer my remarks to your supervisory staff and to the management of EyeSave. I will also await from them a swift and courteous reply."

- David 12/6/11

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