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A subsidiary of JustFab, Fabletics is an online subscription retailer that sells women’s sportswear and accessories. Founded in 2013, it offers its members personalized outfits chosen for them based on their lifestyle and fashion preferences. With their good prices, strong customer service, excellent services, wide selection and outlet section with great sale prices, you will become a fan of Fabletics.


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Real Customer Reviews

"I found getting started with Fabletics to be a great experience. The website was easy to navigate and when I got my outfit, the quality was impressive. I had one item that was too big, but exchanging it was easy and quick. My only complaint would be that when I went to exchange an item, they were out of the color I wanted, but it was easy to find a different color I liked, and overall, I'm very impressed with Fabletics."

- Dan_alisa 6/2/15

"I've read a lot of negative reviews about Fabletics and it's time I say something.

I've been a VIP member for almost a year now, and I have received amazing, high quality clothes from them that I basically live in.

When you sign up, the website specifically tells you what the VIP membership entails. I think a lot of people are excited about the "First outfit for $25" deal but neglect to read the details. This company is not shady - a lot of customers have just been too lazy to read the terms. Fabletics also allows you to skip each month and even sends a reminder email to skip for the first 2 months. How people think this company is a scam is beyond me.

Their return policy is also absolutely amazing. I've returned 4 items so far due to sizing issues, and they've always sent me shipping labels which allowed for free shipping. They processed the returns very quickly each time, and the phone representatives were always pleasant. Sure, they read off scripts, but they were always friendly and helpful.

I don't think you can find the same quality, selection, and great prices anywhere else. Fabletics has really been a great resource for athletic wear and it's very sad to see such negative reviews. Please give this company a chance and make sure to skip a month if you don't want to order! Just be smart about signing up for this service and you'll have a good time."

- lucy l. 5/29/15

"I had been looking at Fabletics and ordering from them for awhile and everytime I went to order I just wanted to wait for a better deal. Bam a couple weeks ago they had a deal for $12.99 for an outfit (or something similar) before I hit ANYTHING close to submit, it said literally right in front of my face that with the purchase I was becoming a VIP member, then RIGHT to the side of that it explained in detail what a VIP membership entailed. Including the fee, including the fact that you can SKIP the fee, and including the fact that you had 5 days to do so. I am so confused as to how anyone missed this. Oh, and its also detailed on your receipt that you receive with the outfit in the mail. So the majority of these complaints are not fair to the company, its more the ignorance and oblivion of the purchaser.

Now the clothes are great quality, even the SO complimented them. It came fast, was exactly what I expected, and has held up nicely so far. I will definitely be buying more from them. The best part, there is no obligation to get something monthly! Definitely worth it to check it, just be smart and read what is on the screen!"

- Laura 5/27/15

"Without going into too many details, I made nearly a dozen phone calls over the course of a month (including the three phone calls during which I was mysteriously disconnected) to try correct the wide variety of errors that they made on my order. The order? A free pair of pants that they promised me after I became a member. I finally received the pants... and although the label said machine wash and dry, they were ruined after one cycle. I won't be doing any further business with them. Too bad--I did also get a free shirt that I really liked."

- Itzel B. 5/13/15

"I first bought from this store about 2 months ago--got a 3 piece outfit (long sleeved top, capri leggings and sports bra) for about $30. I love the outfit, it's cute and comfy and I get loads of attention in it--frankly a bit too much! Lol. The capri pants in particular were really flattering. ;) The sports bra was a bit too tight so I didn't use it, but even then I feel the price was a bargain for the great clothes I got!

I've never bought from stores like Juicy Couture or Lululemon as I think it's overpriced. But I love my Fabletics outfit.

I've skipped the next 2 months so far, as I haven't been working out much recently. :( But once I start working out regularly again, I'll definitely order more outfits as I saw lots on the website that are cute, comfortable and reasonably-priced! I'm a happy customer :)"

- Tamara G. 5/1/15

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