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Falcon Northwest Reviews

Falcon Northwest is a personal computer manufacturing company located in Medford, Oregon, USA which was founded in 1992 by its current president, Kelt Reeves. The company began its existence focusing on high-end systems for Flight Simulation. In 1993 Falcon Northwest bought out Bay Engineering, who served CAD application users, and continued to serve those customers for several years.

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Real Customer Reviews

Mdjordan. posted on 7/18/2012

"I ordered a fragbook from Falcon almost two years ago, with an extended 2 year warranty and it was running fine until the port for the AC power jack cracked. I've emailed and called their "Live Support" repeatedly to only have my questions and concerns met with silence. So much for a 5 Star company..."

Steve J. posted on 3/16/2014

"After years of drooling over a Mach V I finally got my wife to agree to let me have one and she even ordered it for me. It is so quiet for the speed it delivers and the build quality is nothing short of spectacular. It is easy to access all of the cables too for future expansion."

Bob O. posted on 7/9/2014

"I used to buy alienware pcs especially before Dell bought alienware. Not many laptops are actual desktop replacements for gaming. The falcon NW laptops with their 17 inch screens are simply amazing and you can even RAID 0,1 them which is rare on laptops."

Adam B. posted on 10/7/2014

"Falcon northwest has the reputation for being overpriced, but I specced out the costs of their higher quality components and it is not nearly as overpriced as people think it is. It does cost more but you are getting the more costly ram/HD/video cards. Good quality like corsair doesn't come cheap...it doesn't also fail either."

Brian S. posted on 12/18/2014

"I have heard about Falcon computer from my gaming magazines for years now I just never had a job that paid me enough to be able to afford one. I finally saved up enough money for a Falcon and I must say these blow away the HP computers I have been forced to use in the past. I can easily overclock and get my resolution up to even 4K if I had a 4K monitor."

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