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Megabus Reviews is a stagecoach group company, which offers a low-cost bus service in the UK, US and Canada. Their fares are as low as $1 to more than thirty cities across the Midwest and Northeast and their service offered is very reliable. The company offers a My Reservations portal on their website, transporting more than 22 million travelers.

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Lucia B. posted on 11/4/2014

"Great service and very convenient! Some of their trips are very cheap!
They have wi-fi on the bus, but if you plan to watch movies, I recommend downloading them on your computer, as the speed of the Wi-Fi doesn't allow for everyone to watch videos. The drivers are great! I used Megabus quite a few times to travel to New Orleans from Atlanta!"

Mike J. posted on 2/2/2015

"I used MegaBus with my bookclub for a trip to NYC for the weekend. We left from NE, DC.
The bus was on time, clean and comfortable for our trip to NYC and the trip back to DC.
The price was very cheap. I did notice a lady get on with her dog in her purse--I was suprised--but not really b/c I don't know their policy on pets.
My driver for both trips were safe and kind (you can't put a price tag on this).

End all--I would use again."

Jamie C. posted on 4/4/2015

"I love MegaBus. I have used it 4 times (NYC to Philly and NYC toDC) and have had a great experience every single time. They leave almost exactly on time and do a pretty good job estimating the time of arrival as they are always pretty accurate. The ride itself is pretty comfortable. I like sitting on the top level. The prices are insanely amazing. Most of my trips were about $15-$22 one way, which is pretty awesome considering it is not very difficult to pay that much for a taxi ride in NY. One of my trips from NYC to DC cost only $3, which was pretty epic. They have tons of times for major cities like Philly, DC, and Boston, but I hope they add more times for NYC to Syracuse. Overall, I'd pick Megabus as my route of travel while traveling from NY to DC or Philly any day."

Ed B. posted on 4/30/2015

"This was a great deal. $40 round trip from LA Union Station to San Francisco. Cheaper the further ahead you book. Seats are good enough. The bus was clean. Outlets for power were convenient and free WiFi the ENTIRE trip was awesome! I was able to work from the bus without skipping a beat. I sat upstairs and it was a great ride."

Ivette G. posted on 5/21/2015

"So I decided to take megabus for my first time yesterday to Vegas, everyone kept telling me how great and comfortable it was so I decided to give it a try......never again unless I'm really desperate to get to my destination. Lol seats were awkwardly super close to each other, absolutely no leg room, the dude behind me was drinking a tall can and the lady told the bus driver and he did nothing about it . Ehhh guess you get what you paid for ."

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