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Findlaw Reviews

FindLaw is a business of Thomson Reuters that provides online legal information and online marketing services for law firms.

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Real Customer Reviews

Deborah L. posted on 1/31/2010

"I personally use for most of my legal research. I find it very user friendly to navigate. Whether a law student, lawyer or interested in the law this is a great place to start. In my opinion I like the fact that there are blogs and discussions. It is straight forward without a policitcal agenda. If you are interested in only the Supreme Court you can narrow your search and FindLaw has the full Supreme Court rulings with both the consenting and dissenting decisions. Good place to start if you have questions and provides other links. Very helpful site."

Rachel C. posted on 2/25/2011

"This is my favorite legal portal. We use this all the time at work."

Seo S. posted on 6/27/2012

"It is a great site to get ideas about areas of law to consider. I also like the content...'

sterling j. posted on 12/1/2014

"Few months back, I was looking for a legal firm who could offer best copyright registration services. I got the reference of mar firms, but finally one of my colleague suggested me find law its a nice law firm"

John H. posted on 2/9/2015

"If you are using Find Law for research, there are much, much better alternatives. If you are using FindLaw for online marketing, you are throwing money away. I signed up for a year to the tune of $18,000 on the representation that they would design a "state of the art" website that would "drive business" to my firm. They designed what looked like a pre-packaged, canned site. Pretty much looked like something that sold cleaning supplies. After a year of "optimization", I got NOT ONE inquiry. Not one. Not one phone call. Not one e-mail. Not one client. Not one.
They knew it, of course, so they "graciously" offered to renew my subscription for less money for the following year. My question is why would I spend a dime, much less an additional $9,000 for web marketing that generated no business.
FindLaw is a complete and total ripoff and waste of money.
My experience is not unique, by the way. The rep boasted about the sites for other local lawyers FindLaw had done. I should have called in advance. After I decided not to renew, I called several of them and they had all had the same experience I had and had moved on. Don't waste your money. It really doesn't get any worse that this."

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