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Foliolink Reviews

Since 2003 Foliolink has made a reputation in the industry for creating beautiful photo portfolio websites that are easy to use. They’ve helped 1000s of artists, photographers and creative professionals, and would like to help you revamp your old website or get your work online for the first time. Their service includes a wide range of customizable photography website designs that address the specific needs of creative community.

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Real Customer Reviews

Stacy T. posted on 8/17/2008

"How is this photography website company in terms of price? - So, for $300 set up fee and another $300 per year, I get to use their service which will create a custom flash website for my photography portfolio as well as hosting, 3.5 GB of photos, email and domain registration. Is this a fair price for this type of thing?"

Barney L. posted on 8/4/2010

"I have been looking to hire a website designer for a new photography website to show off my photos and I was quoted about $1500 just for the design. Foliolink has a great deal of giving you a customized website for a fraction of the price and giving you hosting the only catch is that you need to keep hosting with them. Still not a bad deal and you can set it up within hours."

Megan W. posted on 9/18/2013

"I never write reviews but feel I must for Foliolink. Before I signed up, I read the reviews and had some reservations although they had come highly recommended. I signed up for the free option and called a couple of times to check out the service levels. I was impressed and went ahead and signed up. I'm even more impressed now. The service level is UNBELIEVABLY fantastic! I'm newish with web site development. They have literally spent hours on the phone with me; so patient and helpful. I love them !!!!! They also have a really extensive array of additional offerings including large format printing and art books. No hesitation here."

Adam. posted on 12/25/2014

"I have used the Foliolink service for my website for the past few years. I love the adaptability of their templates, a back-end that is very easy to use, and the fact I can make any changes easily, anytime I choose. The staff has always been very helpful, and quick to respond to any requests I have had."

Scott. posted on 3/5/2015

"Foliolink has made marketing my web site remarkably easy. Hiring designers in the past did not allow me complete control as I have with Foliolink. Custom designing is a great benefit and uploading images is a snap. I am constantly shooting promos, so getting photos up on the site fast is a major plus. One of my favorite features is the site compatibility with the iPhone. My clients love it and it is great fun just to show off."

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