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FranklinCovey is a provider of time management training and assessment services for organizations and individuals. Among other products, the company markets the FranklinCovey planning system, modeled in part on the writings of Benjamin Franklin, and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, based on Covey’s research. FC Organizational Products, LLC is the official licensee of FranklinCovey products. FranklinCovey also has sales channels in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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Firefly B. ppsted on 9/8/2011

"I have just finally finished a horrible 35-day customer service experience with FranklinCovey regarding an online purchase. They 100% failed to deliver and all the while failed to be accountable for what each of a long string of customer service agents knew was their fault. No one ever apologized. I must have had at least 10 communications with them. It was like I was talking to lawyers who didn't want to admit liability. That struck me as odd. My irritation is not so much that things went wrong - because things just do sometimes. It's that FranklinCovey failed to acknowledge or attempt to reconcile with me for what they've done. They did this like no other company I can remember dealing with. It's as if there is some arcane culture of denial at Franklin Covey. Which is hardly in keeping with what Stephen Covey would see as part of The Character Ethic. The web site says that Bob Whitman is CEO and I know his name because it follows a long page that discusses his views on organizational greatness. In my view, Bob Whitman, the lessons learned from your study of organizational greatness should be applied to your own company. You have an accountability problem. I'm not impressed."

Deem A. posted on 6/5/2012

"While I like the principles of Franklin Covey, I am amazed that they do not appear to implement them at the own company. Apart from the technical challenges of trying to deal with their website and their software (e.g., user manual is a hyperlinked series of pages that can't be searched, shopping cart doesn't accept their own coupon codes), the customer service experience is just dreadful. I just went through 4 people trying to get a copy of my receipt (because, of course, registering the software did not create an account which I could log into nor link my purchases to my email address ID). The original person sent me to another person, who sent me back to the queue, then back to another person, then back to the queue, then back to rep #1 who was able to do it all along - and did it with great attitude. Then I asked (for the second time) for tech help, and she sent me to another recording - which advised they don't offer phone support! couldn't tell me that over the phone...instead of transferring me...again?

They get -4 stars for a very bad technical experience and really uninformed, unmotivated and unpleasant customer service. 4 stars for great concepts and knocking off one for unnecessary software bugs two years after release. Can't give a zero, so it's a one.

The lessons for my own business might be best in seeing what not to do."

Kirstie C. posted on 1/28/2013

"I used to use the original planner with the refillable pages...and just this year switched to the more compact 5 Choices planner. It's January 28th and I just got a nifty package in the mail from Franklin Covey. It's a new 5 Choices planner and a letter that explains 'a post-production review of the 5 Choices planner you purchased revealed a small error, which we deem unacceptable. This error has been corrected and we are enclosing an updated copy of this panner with the error removed.' How nice. It's taken me a month to FINALLY transfer all my relevant information to the new planner and now I have to do it all over again over an error on the part of FC. Nowhere in the letter do they say WHAT the error is. It might have been nice to know - that way I could choose whether or not to transfer over all my information. Bad move, FC, bad move."

Robbyn A. posted on 2/1/2014

"While I am enjoying the courses that I am learning, it saddens me that the company does not practice what it preaches. The customer service is awful and rather than create a win-win situation for both the customer and the company, they create a lose for me and a win for them. When I question them on that, Courtney Mattson told me that they are a public company and they have to answer to their shareholders. All I was doing was asking for a little help and a few extra weeks to finish the course because I was delayed due to the untimely death of a friend. I even sent them the obituary from the newspaper! Both people that I dealt with, first Crystal and then Courtney were only interested in their bottom line and not their customer. I even repeated their lessons back to them and asked them both if they had taken the course and they said they had! I hope the ShareHolders of Frankling Covey read the reviews. #robbynackner"

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