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Jessica B. posted on 10/9/2011

"I really like this website! It's oddly refreshing. It's very easy to navigate and once you receive a "diagnosis", everything you want to know about it is on ONE page so you don't have to click back and forth repeatedly (when you click on something, a little "note" pops up on the page and further explains it, then you can "x" it out).

I think this is a really good idea. Obviously I wouldn't recommend it for serious illnesses and symptoms but it's great if you want a second opinion, have minor symptoms, or are just curious.

However, it is yet another website that can't figure out what's wrong with me :/ but tells me the same thing every other website (and doctor) has been telling me for ten years. Most distressing....

But other than that it's something new to try if you're curious. Not recommended for serious or complicated health issues."

M V. posted on 7/22/2012

"It is not free to have an interview with a doctor. Also, the doctor we were told would be answering our question (an endocrinologist) was not the one we ended up with (a general practitioner and gastroenterologist). We needed an endocrinologist. However he was relatively helpful."

Bobby K. posted on 6/29/2013

"I think what I liked about this site was that rather than trying to figure out my own diagnosis which is usually wrong (though I swear I had a brain tumor and not just a headache...) is that it guides you to seeing the correct specialist and how soon you should see a doctor. That is more valuable than 1000s of pages of rare diseases that I really do not want to read about cause if I read them I KNOW I am going to have them."

T N. posted on 6/26/2014

"I'm not exactly a hypochondriac but I am a bit of a worrywart. So whenever I feel under the weather, you can bet that I'll be googling the symptoms while contemplating my life with [whatever life-threatening illness you can think of]. WebMD has been okay, but I don't find that it really puts me at ease. If anything, it makes me even more paranoid. is a pretty new website, I *think*, that allows you to interact with it to enter your symptoms and have the program spit out what it thinks might be wrong and what your options are in dealing with it. There are a handful of check-ups, also, that allow you to answer questions and get the doctor's analysis of whether or not you have said condition and what you should do about it (for example, see a doctor or go to an emergency room immediately). The website is really pretty nicely designed, easy to follow and has a multi-sensory element of a corresponding video of the doctor in charge."

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